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I just came out of surgery
I’ve got just one eye now coz of his battery
he used the baseball bat on my head, and tossed the flower vase on my stomach
I lost the child
I got another surgery tomorrow
he’s been by my side, he says he loves me
and I think I love him too
but…I was his victim.

I had to use it. It was all I had left to do.
he punched me first
it was all he did apart from plunge into my womanhood twice a day
he came home that day drowning me with the smell of his liquor
it was supposed to be our third year anniversary as a couple

earlier that night, I had the dinner ready and everything set
even though half of the time spent with him was agony
not only was his meal ready but I had wrapped myself up as his present
thought that would make him turn around for good
he saw me all wrapped for him and his drunk head led him to think I had just seen someone else
he asked where I had been and before I could answer he threw his fist on me
the knife on the table was my only way out
he always punched me coz he loved me
I love him too
but he’s lifeless in front of us all
but I was his victim

It was mommy’s birthday
earlier in the day, I saw her and dad arguing
it was something about the aunty dad used to visit
that day it got heated up
I am 26 years old now and I was told at age 15 that, dad was sent to jail
He stabbed mom 15 times
she was his victim

I was on the night shift that day
the ER was so quiet
I wasn’t going to be comfortable
20 minutes into the shift, all the patients were checked
but one was on her way
she came in drenched in her own blood
he started by slapping her, then he used his knife
stabbed her eight times on her thighs
three times on her stomach
she had the chance to leave and months ago when she ended up on my morning shift
coz he threw her down the stairs
but she didn’t leave coz she loves him
she may have survive but may never leave him coz she loves him
she is his victim

It creeps in unnoticed like a mosquito
nails us down to our comfort zones
rapes us mentally and exposes all our secrets

its domestic violence….. who are its victims?



I’ve not blogged in almost a week. Maybe I’ve been busy, maybe I’ve just had other priorities, or maybe quite honestly, I’ve just been lazy or mulling on ideas on what my next post should be about.

So this post basically..uhmmm.. let’s just say, will not have much substance to it. It’s just being posted for formality’s sake. At least I won’t beat myself too hard for neglecting my blog.

Let me attempt to be a bit serious….

So, among ideas for posts I have been juggling is Domestic Violence. Now, for most people who have listened to my poems or read them, you must have picked up that, Domestic Violence is a very common theme. Eventually, if not pretty soon, I’ll have a very long post about the issue. And no, I’ve never been a victim neither  has anyone in my family… I think.

One more issue I’m sure going to blog about is the rate at which men are being disrespectful these days. I mean some of them come up with the most outrageous and daring comments. But, I sort-of don’t blame them, they must have used those lines and sentences on women who fall for them.

Ok, I’m clearly all over the place in this post. I think I have maybe close to 300 words for this post. lol (This is actually the first ‘lol’ I’ve used in this post. A friend of mine said I use a lot of ‘haha’ and ‘lol’ when I write. I just can’t help it. I’ve got to make myself laugh yea?)

Okay… enough… I’m out again, back to normal (But then, what’s normal?) life stuff and of course, back to mulling over more blog ideas.

Oh… Have you smiled today? No, scratch that, have you made someone smile today?

Type to you soon 🙂


That Stranger on the Street.


I have a pineapple sitting on my desk right now. Well, actually it is sitting on my head in the photo on this post.

And no, don’t ask me how much money it cost me to get the cute little pineapple. I got it for free, personally delivered for that matter, by that “crazy, dirty, smelly and psycho looking,” Rastaman.

“Vou, you’re being judgmental or shallow,” you might say.  Well, truth is, whether we like it or not, at some point in our lives, we’ve judged someone totally based on appearance, smell or some other weird reason(s). Well, this “crazy, dirty, smelly and psycho looking,” Rastaman was one of the people I’ve judged. (Thats not to say I’ve stopped judging people. I just try to do so only when I’ve interacted with the individual well enough to draw conclusions).

You see, I judged this man even before saying a word to or even before I heard him utter a word. I saw this dude for the very first time in church. Sunday after Sunday, he sat at the same place. Whenever everyone was asked to shake hands, he never shook anyone. He was always mumbling and I never saw any church folk interact with him either.

Apart from church, I saw him on the street. Again, he always kept to him self. Never saw a smile from this man’s face and still never heard him utter any word. Well, I just judged this man. His dreadlocks were mostly untidy, his shoes were not the best looking shoes and he always looked sweaty and sort of dirty. My conclusion then- He had to be crazy, have no family and probably have some serious anger issues.

With that conclusion drawn, whenever I saw him on the road, I moved to the other side of the road, just so he wouldn’t have an episode and just punch the life out of me.

One day, all of that changed.

I was on assignment and I had to ride back to town with the guys from Government Information Services. One of the guys saw the same Rastaman and they actually greeted each other and had a very sensible conversation.

Well, me being me, I chipped in. (If you know me well, you’ll know I have the tendency to dip my finger in people’s sauce…Haha) I told him I never heard him speak before and always thought he was kind of sick. (Luckily enough, he didn’t punch me for that comment.)

After that short conversation, I felt bad for judging the man. I never saw him as a crazy dude ever again. Since that day, he always said hello. One day, he saw me buying some fruits at the grocery shop and asked if I liked fruits. Yes I do loved fruits. His follow up question was “Where do you work?”

Couple days after, I walked into the office and found fruits on my desk. He has brought me fruits at least twice after that.

Ok… I think I’ve taken more than enough of your time… Time to round this post up.

What am I trying to say after all this ranting? Try your best never to judge people you know almost nothing about. Take the time out to at least say hello to that “crazy” person you always see. You might be surprised.

A friend of mine told me once that, before we became friends, he always saw me as a very weird, sad and lonely girl. We’ve been friends for quite a while now and he thinks different of me. (Actually he still says i’m weird and a bit crazy… Dexter I think you’re weird too by the way…lol Did I just call him out? oh well…)

Okay… Good Bye.. I need to make some serious decisions on how this pineapple will be shared and consumed.

Type to you soon

🙂 Vou 🙂

Share the Sweetness!

Share the Sweetness!

I got this pineapple for free, and I intend to share it. Perhaps my Roommate could use to make Tai Soup. I could even share it with my colleagues… either ways, I’m not keeping this good looking fruit to myself. What are you sharing today?

Give Your Face Some Rest- Smile


Starting my second post with an apology probably isnt a good thing right? Oh well, I’m sorry anyway. I’m sure when my Mac Book is fixed, I can blog regularly.

That aside, I’ve been blessed. I wake up each morning, able to see, feel, breath, laugh, smile, frown, eat, move from one place to another and I owe it entirely to God. Most times we take these very “little” things for granted.

I started out the year with a resolution. (Actually the first resolution I’ve kept for this long.) I made up my mind to appreciate the so-called little things in life such as the sun, the breeze, sunrise, sunset and even the tiniest of flowers. And one more thing I set out to do this year was/is appreciate and compliment people. I didn’t and don’t want to wait till it is late to send a rose to someone’s grave. (Hopefully you wouldn’t wait till when I’m six feet under to send me flowers/roses either….I totally adore them… Got a crush on me?? well…. wink wink)

I also made up my mind to smile often, laugh as much as I can and of course, put a smile on someone else’s face. And that of course includes everyone I come across. (That doesn’t mean I’ll go along smiling 24/7… that would look a bit crazy yea?… actually not really, I had a co-worker who smiled all day long even when he was covering cases in court….lol and he was totally adorable and very sane for that matter. So heck yea, go on and smile all you want…)

Let me throw out a challenge to you…(Oh wait! How many people actually read my blog?…lol sad right?) Well, I challenge you to find more reasons to smile rather than frown today. And if that works, which I hope it will, share that smile. Make someone smile today. It could be through that joke from the internet. It could be just by complimenting that lady’s pretty dress, her lovely hair style or hey… it could even be by just asking someone to smile. You never know what a smile can do, or how far a smile goes in someone’s life. I’ve had better days just because, someone made me smile.

I think I’m sounding a bit chessy now… and of course that means time to stop 🙂

Type to you soon.


Mic Check One, Two!

Hello, Olla, Sannu (Hausa), Kedu (Igbo), Comos Teka (Okay I think that’s Hello in the Philipines) Konnicha Wa(Japanese) Bonjour! (French)

Okay enough of the greetings and pleasantries, You all get the message right? Great! onto the next step.

So, this is my first time blogging and I’m just trying my best to have something sensible to blog about. Bear with me…

Why have a blog?

Isn’t having a blog like simply opening up your life for the world to see? Well it sorta is. But I think I see a lot of stuff daily and experience quite a bit too. So I hope this helps me share a bit of that with you all. And I also hope that through this blog, I can motivate you, inspire you, pray for you, encourage you, put a smile on your face and hey… annoy you too… (I tend to do that a lot)

Yes and again, I decided to get a blog so I can vent. This is mostly going to have my uninfluenced, raw and undiluted opinion about issues, it’s going to show my frustrations about things around me and of course, it’s going to have lots and lots of some of the happy moments I go through… hopefully, very very very and I mean very few of the sad ones. 🙂

So on the next blog, I’m going to tell you a bit about myself…. oh…. in case you’re a total stranger, who’s never heard of me, read about me or even read my articles…(I think I sound a bit vain right?… oh well) I go by the name Vou… I was born Ngovou Gyang….

Okay bye! type to you soon 🙂