Mic Check One, Two!

Hello, Olla, Sannu (Hausa), Kedu (Igbo), Comos Teka (Okay I think that’s Hello in the Philipines) Konnicha Wa(Japanese) Bonjour! (French)

Okay enough of the greetings and pleasantries, You all get the message right? Great! onto the next step.

So, this is my first time blogging and I’m just trying my best to have something sensible to blog about. Bear with me…

Why have a blog?

Isn’t having a blog like simply opening up your life for the world to see? Well it sorta is. But I think I see a lot of stuff daily and experience quite a bit too. So I hope this helps me share a bit of that with you all. And I also hope that through this blog, I can motivate you, inspire you, pray for you, encourage you, put a smile on your face and hey… annoy you too… (I tend to do that a lot)

Yes and again, I decided to get a blog so I can vent. This is mostly going to have my uninfluenced, raw and undiluted opinion about issues, it’s going to show my frustrations about things around me and of course, it’s going to have lots and lots of some of the happy moments I go through… hopefully, very very very and I mean very few of the sad ones. πŸ™‚

So on the next blog, I’m going to tell you a bit about myself…. oh…. in case you’re a total stranger, who’s never heard of me, read about me or even read my articles…(I think I sound a bit vain right?… oh well) I go by the name Vou… I was born Ngovou Gyang….

Okay bye! type to you soon πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “Mic Check One, Two!

    • Oh my Jennifer!…lol this is sooooo you!.
      Thanks for checking out my blog.
      I’ll work on showing my face… I just need some more time with the blog…
      Thanks dear

  1. More grease to your elbows…if you don’t have grease, palm oil or vaseline will make good alternatives. Keep it coming dear.

  2. Oh jesus! I am you! Stumbled on your blog and I decided to check out the first post. freaky! coz u remind a lot of me! dang! I even have a blog like yours *comletely freaked out*.
    my blog : mylifeasanigeriankid.com .
    You don’t have to post this comment but please check the blog out to see if I’m lying.

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