Give Your Face Some Rest- Smile


Starting my second post with an apology probably isnt a good thing right? Oh well, I’m sorry anyway. I’m sure when my Mac Book is fixed, I can blog regularly.

That aside, I’ve been blessed. I wake up each morning, able to see, feel, breath, laugh, smile, frown, eat, move from one place to another and I owe it entirely to God. Most times we take these very “little” things for granted.

I started out the year with a resolution. (Actually the first resolution I’ve kept for this long.) I made up my mind to appreciate the so-called little things in life such as the sun, the breeze, sunrise, sunset and even the tiniest of flowers. And one more thing I set out to do this year was/is appreciate and compliment people. I didn’t and don’t want to wait till it is late to send a rose to someone’s grave. (Hopefully you wouldn’t wait till when I’m six feet under to send me flowers/roses either….I totally adore them… Got a crush on me?? well…. wink wink)

I also made up my mind to smile often, laugh as much as I can and of course, put a smile on someone else’s face. And that of course includes everyone I come across. (That doesn’t mean I’ll go along smiling 24/7… that would look a bit crazy yea?… actually not really, I had a co-worker who smiled all day long even when he was covering cases in court….lol and he was totally adorable and very sane for that matter. So heck yea, go on and smile all you want…)

Let me throw out a challenge to you…(Oh wait! How many people actually read my blog?…lol sad right?) Well, I challenge you to find more reasons to smile rather than frown today. And if that works, which I hope it will, share that smile. Make someone smile today. It could be through that joke from the internet. It could be just by complimenting that lady’s pretty dress, her lovely hair style or hey… it could even be by just asking someone to smile. You never know what a smile can do, or how far a smile goes in someone’s life. I’ve had better days just because, someone made me smile.

I think I’m sounding a bit chessy now… and of course that means time to stop 🙂

Type to you soon.



27 thoughts on “Give Your Face Some Rest- Smile

  1. noice wifey i must say it sure made me smile. don worry with your inner shine you can make anyone smile easy 😉 dont have to try too hard. Just make things work and smiles can go all around!

  2. Making someone happy or being happy yourself is a matter of meeting one’s needs…..Smiles seems to meet most of our heart’s needs. Im somply happy reading your blog and for sure, you have put a smile on my face. Keep it up and it always return to you.

  3. Appreciating the supposedly little things… I like that. I should do that more.
    I’m gonna keep a smile on for sure. Thanks for this… Keep them coming!

  4. I was badgered for the past two days by Ms. Vou with constant BBM messages at 3 and 5 in the morning (lol) to check out her blog because she knows I definitely need to smile more often. Well i read this post and I had a silly smile on my face from beginning to end, because the words flowed like they were actually coming out of your mouth and I could just visualize the silly smile that i know was on ‘your’ face as you were writing this post, smh. Lol. Anyway keep ’em coming, I’m too lazy to blog myself, but I love to read them ;). Oh by the by that crazy sane forever smiling dude can only be Steven Melendez lol.

    • Hahaha… thanks Delana,
      for finally checking out my blog! I sure will blog some more so I can keep you smiling. and yes! you are right. You need to smile a lot more often…lol yes I was smiling while tpying most of the post…lol
      The smiling cute fellow just might be the name you called out.

  5. nice! , so sweet but you have made up your mind to appreciate this things; the sun, the breeze, sunrise, sunset and even the tiniest of flowers, but not us the readers or fans….lol………. i love this sis

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