I’ve not blogged in almost a week. Maybe I’ve been busy, maybe I’ve just had other priorities, or maybe quite honestly, I’ve just been lazy or mulling on ideas on what my next post should be about.

So this post basically..uhmmm.. let’s just say, will not have much substance to it. It’s just being posted for formality’s sake. At least I won’t beat myself too hard for neglecting my blog.

Let me attempt to be a bit serious….

So, among ideas for posts I have been juggling is Domestic Violence. Now, for most people who have listened to my poems or read them, you must have picked up that, Domestic Violence is a very common theme. Eventually, if not pretty soon, I’ll have a very long post about the issue. And no, I’ve never been a victim neither  has anyone in my family… I think.

One more issue I’m sure going to blog about is the rate at which men are being disrespectful these days. I mean some of them come up with the most outrageous and daring comments. But, I sort-of don’t blame them, they must have used those lines and sentences on women who fall for them.

Ok, I’m clearly all over the place in this post. I think I have maybe close to 300 words for this post. lol (This is actually the first ‘lol’ I’ve used in this post. A friend of mine said I use a lot of ‘haha’ and ‘lol’ when I write. I just can’t help it. I’ve got to make myself laugh yea?)

Okay… enough… I’m out again, back to normal (But then, what’s normal?) life stuff and of course, back to mulling over more blog ideas.

Oh… Have you smiled today? No, scratch that, have you made someone smile today?

Type to you soon 🙂



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