Bee Wax? Uhmmmm No thanks!


I’ve not blogged for 15 days! That’s like two weeks and a day. 😦

Some of you may know this by now. I’m on this journey to grow my hair all natural. (This time, I’m for real. Not one of those times when I say I won’t cut my hair again, but go right ahead and cut it after two weeks :D)

So right now, my hair is at that stage where its really really really really annoying. It is neither short nor long, soft nor coarse! The hair is just simply over the top annoying. (One of my aunts actually equated my hair to a coarse sponge.)

With that said, I decided I was going to look for ways to make it look a bit “presentable” (Mind you, I don’t have much of a problem with the way it is. I simply wake up, wash it, put some hair grease on it, comb it, and I’m good to go.)

So yesterday, I had dinner with my landlord and my neighbor who used to be my roommate. My former roommate takes total care of her hair. I mean she goes all out- the weaves, the braids, the colors, she loves those things. When we were roommates and when I used to have my hair permed and long to my back, (Thats my story and I’m sticking to it….lol) whenever I was going on a date or even maybe wanted to look like I cared about hair, she would fix me up…(Accidentally, She’s burned my hair with the hot curling/flat iron several times but I still love her. πŸ™‚ )

While we were having dinner, she looked to my hair and in her Trinidad and Tobago accent she went “Oh gosh man Vou, why you have de hair so? You cyan even comb de hair and make it look good?” Oh well, I decided to let her do her thing with the hair.

Now to the main cause of this post – The Bee Wax!

My former roommate decided to comb twist my hair. Now, that is usually the first stage of getting dreadlocks. Β In order to do that, we needed some grease so my sponge-like hair could look good and not like a war zone.

My oh so resourceful landlord went into his house and got a bottle of Bee Wax!

I’ve never used bee wax on my hair before then, didn’t even know you could use it on hair. A few hours later my hair was all comb twisted with a generous amount of Bee Wax. Now when I say generous, I mean generous! So much my normally black-brown hair, looked sort-of gray!

For a good half an hour, I felt like a Rastafarian. I pictured my self wearing red, gold, green and black outfits down to my feet, long dreadlocks flowing down to my waist, small little maps of Africa as my earrings. I even went as far as seeing the introduction to my blog being “Blessed Love Sisthren and Brethren, greetings in the name of the Most High…Jah”

All that was short lived!

Less than an hour after, my hair felt so cloggy, most of the twists at the back were already loose and my face was as smooth and shinny as a new born baby’s butt! No kidding. I had no option than to wash off what was my introduction to dreadlocks.

That was where the problem began.

I went into the shower, washed my hair about three times and thought that was enough to take away the oh so powerful Bee Wax. I left the shower and the wax was no where close to getting off my hair. 😦 I was literally on the verge of shedding tears.

After heading back to the shower a couple more times, my last resort was Google.

“How do I take off Bee Wax from my hair?” I asked Google. Now, the answers I found got me scared. The thought of just cutting off my hair, crossed my mind.

1- Use newspaper or paper towels and an iron on low setting. Put the paper over your hair and run the iron over it…The paper will absorb the wax.” C’mon son! How on earth am I supposed to gather the guts to place a hot electric iron on my hair?…… So that option was a no go area.

2- Try Peanut butter and keep washing it out-……..Hello, I don’t like peanut butter. How do I deal with smelling like peanut butter afterwards? Again I couldn’t use that remedy. How is that even supposed to work? smh.

3- Use hot oil and wash out the hair…… Now that was the most ridiculous of all. Recommend this to a mental health patient and watch them pour the hot oil in your face!

Two recommendations sounded feasible to me. Using dishwashing liquid to wash out the hair or use natural oils then shampoo. Lets just say, I used both, but the oil did the job. I was able to go to bed less paranoid and of course, with wayyyyy less bee wax on my way.

Forget what they tell you about the Nigerian Police being your friend! that’s a fallacy. The truth is- Google is your friend.

This is my longest post so far. With that, I think I’ve made up for not blogging for 15 days…. πŸ™‚

Oh wait… How many people really stuck around till the end of this boring, dragged out and not so relevant post? lol right! Just me! Leave a comment if you did πŸ˜›

Type to you soon

Don’t forget to smile and leave a smile on someone else’s face πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Bee Wax? Uhmmmm No thanks!

    • hahah!.. I’ll think about it.. I think my accent does it for me already. The earrings will just make the whole African thing redundant! I’ll wear the African earrings if u wear the American map as deal?

  1. next time just pour acid on the hair and the bee wax wud be off in a sec……..u myt just loose the brain with it…………..lolz nice though kip it up. Love you

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