Absolutely Ridiculous!

Sorry I’ve not blogged in a long time. I shall waste no time in explaining the reasons why.

My heart is heavy right now.

So, I just had a conversation with some colleagues about Domestic Violence.

It all started with who likes dancehall music and who doesn’t. For those who liked dancehall, the discussion moved to who the “hardest” dancehall performer is.

Eventually, Chris Brown found his way into the mix. And inevitably, the Chris Brown/Rihanna saga became the main topic.

I was sitting there, just listening as they argued if Chris Brown apologized publicly for beating Rihanna. I was quiet till someone said “she deserved it.”

Let’s get this straight. I do not listen to Rihanna’s songs. That is just me. (And trust me, it has got nothing to do with herself and Nicky Minaj who in my opinion, are the epitome of almost everything fake. Misleading young girls that, beauty has to be in the fake hair, eyes lashes, hips and breasts and that being sexy means wearing nothing in public… just my opinion) But I found myself defending her in this argument.

Anyone who knows me should know too well that I get very touchy on Domestic Violence Issues.

Hello??????? That just got me fired up. Now, no one, and I mean absolutely NO ONE  has the rights to hit anyone.

I couldn’t believe that in the 21st century, people still believe victims of Domestic Violence “deserve” to be beaten.

Chris Brown had no valid reason to beat Rihanna. And same applies to any man who has raised his hands on a woman. Now, this goes both ways. Some people claim Rihanna had always beaten Chris Brown. If this was true, then she’s just as guilty as Chris Brown (who by the way, I think has paid enough for his actions.)

Any man who raises his hands on a woman is nothing but a disgrace to other men. And any women who hits a man is equally a disgrace to womanhood. If physical violence is your only and last resort to solving problems, you and people of your kind should be blamed for all the wars going on in the world.

I am really annoyed. I don’t know if I’m even making sense in this post or even articulating myself as I should.

Bye 😦


9 thoughts on “Absolutely Ridiculous!

  1. You’re right and your post makes sense. You’re entitled to your opinion after all. The person who said that rihanna deserved what she got, is probably living in a different world than us. Continue to defend what you believe in.

    • I agree with you Leon. But even in self defense, if the victim can subdue the abuser without inflicting major injuries, great. Afterwards, let the appropriate authority(ies) be informed.

  2. Stupid, weak and deranged men beat their wives,… but I hope you all will pardon me for saying one thing, Some women can be something else. I once lived near a couple. The woman made the young man’s life hell. She once left her 1hr old baby in the hospital to fight her husband at home. Another time, she physically abused the man’s mother. Another woman set fire on her husband’s car because of a disagreement.
    How do you handle such, being a human being with emotions.

    • Samson,
      Abuse goes both ways. some guys have reported being physically abused by their female partners.
      I agree with you some women can cause hell on earth. However, the man should do the honorable thing by walking away.
      You don’t have to stay in an abusive relationship.
      And he can always make a report to the police.
      It is sad that currently in Nigeria, Domestic Violence hasn’t been included in the law books as unlawful. There needs to be a piece of legislature on such a crime and that needs to happen fast!
      And women who constantly nag and be a pain to their husbands/significant others need to seriously check themselves for some deep rooted psychologic disorder(s)

  3. Well, heck yeah your anger is well placed!
    No one and I mean no one deserves to be abused in any way. I have no idea what led up to the incident with Chris/ Rihana but its inarguable that his actions were simply wrong!

  4. Its absolutely ridiculous to hit anybody regardless of their offense except if administered for Disciplinary purposes. I am pleased reading your view on violence, but i also thing it isn’t really an issue except if its news then it begins to gradually occupy centre stage! Well, Great job Kay! God bless!

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