“Yoooow African/Nigerian.”

The next time anyone yells “Yoooow African/Nigerian,” at me again… uhmmmmm. (I won’t say what I will do or say.)

I’m fed up of folks just yelling at me when they see me on the road and for whatever reason need to get my attention. Whatever happened to the good old “excuse me miss/ma’am.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of being Nigerian/African but for goodness’ sake I have a name.

Yes, you can come up with the very true excuse that most Africans have names that you may think are difficult to pronounce but face it, most of us have shorter versions to out names. Heck, most Africans now have English names  (Even though I don’t totally agree with that concept. An english person who is visiting an African country wouldn’t change his name because most folks don’t know how to pronounce his name.)

I wonder how those same folks will feel if I just randomly yell “Tolian,” or “Vincy,” or “Dominican,” or whatever at them.

One more thing that grinds my gear is, dudes who think it’s okay to “Pssssst” at ladies on the street. And then there are those who think every woman must respond to their rude call of “hey sexy.”

No fellas, that’s unacceptable. Call me old school or whatever but there’s nothing wrong with you walking up to me and after saying your “Good Morning/Afternoon,” you tell me how beautiful or whatever you think I am.

I’m mentally working on good comebacks for guys who think it’s okay to just yell rude words at ladies. Some might think I should ignore them. But someone has got to set some of this primitive guys right.

I’m clearly annoyed. Don’t know if I’m even making sense in this post. I think it’s best I take a break a bit because, I have a lot to vent about.



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