Super Woman

She’s got her nails done
her hair is on point
don’t talk about the make up, it’s flawless

That dress just compliments the curves she flaunts
she walks gracefully and confidently
stress and worry free she appears

She’s got that smile that would cure a cancer
she’s got the very word to mend a broken soul
her touch caresses away every fear and sorrow


you’ve got no idea how hard she tries
how hard she works on that “perfect-girl,” look 
you’ve got not the slightest clue how weak she is

forget the smiles you see
she’s got nothing but tears when she closes those doors
Forget the perfect body
ignore the all-put-together-sister
just a front she claims
a show she puts on while her heart crumbles to pieces right in front of her

forget the words she utters to those hurting
those are the very same she wishes she could hear from someone
ignore the smiles,
that’s exactly what she longs for genuinely

Inside is that weakling
forget it! Yes forget it!
The pretty outfits she struts, but stands naked deep within
Forget the “independent-sister-I-can’t get hurt,” look she portrays
at the back lays that vulnerable, hopeless romantic waiting to be truly lovely

Forget the outward looks, let’s focus on mending this broken heart ……



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