Natural Hair Debate.


It’s been ages. (I know, I use that excuse every time I come on here…lol)

Well, here is an article on natural hair I wrote for paper (The BVI Beacon Newspaper). I had fun chatting with other “naturalistas,” and “Curlies,” for my story. It talks a bit of Sageroots and Naturally Curly B.V.I.

Holding Kristin Frazer and Simone Foster hostage at Clovers was fun but not so cool. I mean I literally didn’t let them go until they had given me a bit of their experiences with natural hair.

I’ve got to give it up to Linette as well. She was ill, but was able to accommodate me early in the morning. We sat there for almost an hour talking of hair regimes and styles. We went from hair conditioners, to moisturizers, afro picks and the whole nine yards.

I should post something soon detailing how my own hair journey has been going. Before then, I can tell you this much; my hair is about 5 inches long…. 🙂 (Proceeds to do the Gangnam Style)

Until then….


( and please smile… I think I need to come up with one those “all-positive-and-ready-to-conquer-the-world” posts soon…lol)



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