Na Gode…Ose…Mafeng…gracias…thank you

I’ve attempted the Gangnam Style dance once (Truthfully, maybe more than once) It wasn’t a pretty sight. I’ve been practicing the Etighe dance as well. I’ve been doing a good job. I won’t even talk of my Azonto dance. (If you’re not Ghanaian, I don’t think you’ll do really well at the dance…lol)

Anyway, say I can do any of those dance moves, I’d probably be them right now.

I woke up with a pocket full of sunshine. I woke up with smiles… I turned on the shuffle option on my music player of my phone and the songs went on and on and on in favour of me being happy.
Okay, enough of the cheesy lines…

This week has been my thanksgiving week. If not for anything, at least for health. I had a lil health scare this weekend… First of all I’m thankful it was not worse than I thought. Second of all. I’m grateful for two big headed bullies who forced me through BBM messages to find my butt in the hospital. If they had not coerced me into going, maybe I wouldn’t be visiting this blog anytime soon.

So, I’m going to list things I’m grateful for in my life…

Family- I have the most amazing family ever… No family is perfect, so I won’t go the route of saying “They are not perfect but…” I don’t get to keep in touch as often as I’d like to but most times I call them, I hang up the phone smiling from molar to molar. (Especially my mom… that woman is just special.) As for my siblings, I’m blessed to have a sister who always reminds me of God each time we speak on the phone or via FB. No matter how insignificant the topic or the conversation is, trust my sister to mention God… Well, sis, may God bless you… As for my brothers, they are just awesome.

There’s some corny comment about friends being siblings God never gave you or something like that… I sort of believe that… I know lots of people but I can call very few of them friends…

So, I’m thankful for poetry, co-workers, a job, flowers, nature, good health, good health, good health and good health. and again, I’m thankful for everything.

(I’m talking too much again….) So you all get the point of this pointless post right? I hope you do…

yours crazily,


4 thoughts on “Na Gode…Ose…Mafeng…gracias…thank you

  1. Wat a beauty this “pointless” write up is!!!
    Some days back a friend reminded me of an exact date and year I made a seemingly negligible impact in her life, really not being able to remember that. And all the more I am grateful for people who really appreciate people while they still alive and not with eulogies. Keep writing!!!

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