As usual, I won’t waste your time and mine by giving you not-so-truthful reasons as to why i haven’t blogged in more than two weeks.

Truth is, I’ve just not been moved to tell you guys anything… oh wait! the other truth is, I have lots of  topics to talk about but…. You know, I’ve just been lazy (But then I’m always lazy)

I’m not good at making new year resolutions. I believe whatever “resolutions,” i may have, there’s no better time to start implementing them than now. So, when it comes to my blog, my “New Year Resolution,” for 2013, would be to blog at least once a week. I’ll try do it a lot more than that, but of course there are lots of factors i’ll consider. ( Am I sleepy? Am I in a good mood?… bla bla bla)

As part of this new decision to blog often, I think I’ll like to blog more about my hair. I mean, the thing has a life of it’s own….. I’m sure it could use a different blog address… (Yea, i know that doesn’t make any sense at all.)

And also, I’ll like to blog more about my workout and stuff (Sister has been working her self a lil too hard… This summer body/swimsuit body/Christmas body thing is no joke…. Right now I can’t laugh like other people. The ABs exercise I did days ago is still messing with me.)

Oh… and before I forget, I met a new naturalista yesterday…(Well, i met her in the cyber world even though i’m sure she lives just maybe 10 minutes away from me….lol) She’s got amazing stuff on her blog and she tweets a whole lot about natural hair, and fashion. ( i love reading other girls’ fashion reviews but I think that will be the last thing anyone will read about on this blog. Fashion and I don’t get along well.)

Well, you guys can check her blog out….. I really don’t know if there are any serious naturalistas that read my blog but hey…. She’s got a giveaway coming up soon… If i don’t win any of the items, I hope one of you will!

I’m talking to much again…. This has been yet another senseless blog post 😀

Peace and Blessings (Yes, I’m getting hippy like that…lol No… Just joking.)


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