The Pursuit of Nappyness

44572_4572522270039_1261210837_nMy hair isn’t long to my butt. It isn’t as soft as a new born baby’s hair. It doesn’t have all the curl definition you can think of. It doesn’t retain moisture at all time… But, don’t mess with my hair/scalp. (I might take you out of business for that… no I’m joking…. not!)

I trust very few people to handle my hair. I trust my former roommate Jody, to work on my hair. I can relax and let very few naturalistas go in my hair.

Oh well, I’ve been visiting this hair saloon for the past two months. The first time I went in there, the lady who dealt with me, was a lil apprehensive of my natural hair.

At first she suggested I put extensions in my hair to make the hair look longer. Nope! (There’s a reason I have my hair natural woman!)

Well, her plea for me to have extensions didn’t work. Next, she took the blow dryer to start blow drying my hair, without my permission. I told her I didn’t want heat on my hair.

Well, my resistance to all her suggestions clearly didn’t settle well with her. Throughout the time I was in her seat, she was everything but gentle with my hair. Well, at some point though, we started having a conversation about something I can’t remember right now. By the time she was done with my hair, I liked the hairstyle she did, and didn’t mind so much the abuse I went through.

I went back to her couple times after that. My last trip being on saturday December 8. Again, she was mean to my hair. This time, my scalp was the main target.

After sitting there for close to an hour, I didn’t like the hair style she did. Plus, my scalp was on fire, I felt like eggs were being fried on it.

I managed to carry the hairstyle for about three days. I took it out today (Wednesday.)

She’s taught me a lesson though, I’ll never continue to sacrifice the health of my hair and scalp for pretty hair styles. I’ll stick to my two strand twist outs and Tiny Winney Afros.

This natural hair journey is no joke!

well, maybe my fellow naturalist Iceta can recommend different styles or a saloon I can trust.




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