January 2, 2013.

Happy New Year,

I wish you all blessings and all of that good stuff…:-)

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions and the likes, so don’t expect to see a list of things I’ll be changing this year. However, there are a few things I’ve resolved to do.

For starters, I’ve been on a mission, long before New Year, to shed negativity from my life. Now, for those who really really really know me, I’m not the most energetic person and I can be very gloomy. That said, I don’t think I’ll leave any room for people who don’t make me smile, laugh or feel good. If you’re not positive, my dear, I don’t think we can make it this year. I want to laugh and smile more this year. 

I tend to procrastinate an awful lot! By the end of 2013, (If the creator grants) I hope to look back at my list of personal goals with a smile, knowing I didn’t let procrastination stop me from achieving at least 95 percent. Already, I think I’m doing well. I didn’t procrastinate when it was time to leave bed this morning. I was up early, I made my bed, had a shower, cleaned my room and did the dishes. I did all of that in a timely manner. When I got to work, I wrote down a list of things I need to get done before I leave the office. I got at least two-thirds of the list done by 10:30. (Yay me)

So if you notice, I didn’t have breakfast. I plan to have breakfast more often. I don’t know how that’s going to work but I have to make it happen. I mean, it’s only one of me and I have to take care of me. No one else will do it for me.

I’ve been running… I run from the traffic lights at Wichkams Cay II to New Life Baptist Church and back to town. I love it. It’s easier with good music. I hope I’m able to keep running and by the end of the year, If I’m still in the BVI, I hope to be running to West End (uhmmmm)

I got lots of other things I’ll be working on. Again, these are not resolutions you know! There are lots of personal things here and there I need to work on.

For those who make resolutions, I pray you’re able to follow through till February. But for me i don’t have any… I’m just working on some things here and there….

As usual, this has been yet another senseless post… 🙂




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