Dear Customer Service…

When I left work yesterday Wed, Jan, 2, 2013, I had one thing in mind and that was pancakes. I hadn’t had any pancakes in a long time plus I wanted to experiment making pancakes differently from how i would normally make them.

I needed flour of course. Well, on my way home, I decided for convenience, it would make more sense to stop at the grocery store closer to my office instead of the one at the bottom of my hill. When I got to the store, for some reason, all the flour packages looked a bit old. Not only did they look old but all…. I mean all the packages on that shelf were mold infested. One of them even had a moth underneath it.

I almost walked out the store but I didn’t. I decided to be nice and not take any photos. I also decided it would be nice to inform a staff. Well, I called one of the cashiers and told her about the flour. She just shrugged and walked off.

She eventually told a supervisor. The supervisor came not to apologize, but to fuss at me for taking photos. I was in shock. The least you could do is try please this one customer right? Well, she was angry at me, claiming I shouldn’t just walk into the store and take photos. Like really lady, you think I left all that’s going on in my life to walk into your not-well-maintained-store just to take photos. Before I left the store, I told her I wish I took a photo or two. I just carried my irrelevant customer self to the next grocery store.

It’s the 21st century dear, if you keep treating customers like your broom, sooner or later, you’ll be out of business…

I’m clearly not pleased… Let me get off this blog before I start spewing stuff that would get me in trouble.

Again, this has been another senseless post.

Note: I’m thinking of challenging myself to blog everyday for the next two weeks.


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