Challenge Day 1


As I said yesterday, I’m considering blogging each day for the next two weeks. So here we go… It’s an old poem but I hope you like it.

Do you know how I feel? Very very very STUPID!!!

You didn’t have to kiss me; it confirms a lot to me
But you take it for granted
Don’t give me a ring if you don’t give it to me first in
Your mind, heart and actions
I’m really attached while you get very much unattached
You shouldn’t have opened the door so wide, you knew you
Wanted closing it in such small and little distance
How do you want me to understand, much more think of it and accept? 
Are you just slow or spiteful? Do you think I was stupid to let all go?
Just to embrace you?
I let go blindly, thinking I was opening my eyes to light.
Come on! It’s a heart not a hat. Its pleasure and treasure
Not a pack of trash it’s tender not so rough.

It’s my heart we’re talking about. Am I in this alone?



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