Gloria Dios

Olla mi amigos,

So, I spent most of Sunday in church. I was invited to two churches. The first one is a church owned by a Nigerian pastor. His daughter who plays the keyboard invited me to worship with them. It was a nice service except that church lasted close to five hours…. (That was wayyyyy too long if you ask me… but I guess that’s how some people do it.)

Well, this post is more about the second church service I attended on Sunday.

So, after I got home from the first service, I barely got some rest when I started to prepare for the second one. It was a spanish speaking church.

Now, my spanish vocabulary stops at just “Olla,” “Que Pasa,” “Muy Bien,” “De Nada,” “Muchos Gracias,” and the likes.

Well, no-spanish me decided to attend a spanish service. It wasn’t too bad after all. Initially, I thought I was just going to observe and see how the spanish folks worship. (If they were a lot less dramatic than some churches or not)

I went to the service with a friend of mine (He actually invited me to come with him…. Another friend invited him….see the thread? lol)

oh well, we got there and his host came to say hello. I think they had a conversation about him playing the piano, and she asked him to go on stage and play the keyboard, as they didn’t have anyone playing the instruments.

He asked me to go on stage with him. I play drums so we went there, he played the keyboard and I played the drums. We ended up playing for the rest of the service and the church folks appeared to be pleased with our service.

What can I say “Gloria Dios,” ….lol that was among the very few things I was able to understand after close to two hours of church….

Yea… this has been another pointless post… 🙂


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