IMG-20130204-05287Never knew a i’d ever blog about something as silly and vain as shoes. Relax I don’t have an obsession over shoes as 95 percent of women do. I don’t even own up to 15 pairs of shoes…

But, I think I got the shoe fever….(Might only last a few hours though) That’s because I just bought me a pair of shoes. I think I’m in love…….with the shoes of course!

You really don’t have to know me to know that I pay no mind to my shoes. I can walk around bare feet and don’t give a rat’s sauce what anyone thinks. Most times I only wear shoes so I don’t appear crazier and weird as I already do.

I can wear open toes, flat sandals everywhere I go. I love my flat covered shoes though. Anyways, I was in one of those flat covered shoes this morning, walking back to the office on my way from an interview. I passed by one of the very good shoe stores and noticed they had a ‘Sale,’ sign

I had no intention of buying shoes, I just wanted to look. Upon entering the store, I saw yet another flat shoe and there was this familiar connection we had. But then, that was short lived, I decided to look at another section. The high heels section. (Those annoying shoes…smh) I laid my eyes on a pair and couldn’t stop staring at it. I mean, I heard the shoes calling my name and I knew I couldn’t and shouldn’t leave the store without them.

I asked for my size and praise the Lord, for the very first time in a long time, I found a pair of shoes I loved and the store actually had my size! That was just the icing on the cake!

My point is, I got the shoe and I can’t believe I’m blogging about a pair of shoes. I wore them out of the store and placed my oh so faithful flat shoes in my bag. Felt so good walking in those shoes. So good I had to call Fareeza. She’s been on case, urging me to buy proper shoes.

I think the girly girl in me just returned from wherever she’s been at for years!

I’ll see if I can post a picture of the shoes…(It’s not the most fashionable pair of shoes and all of that good stuff but hey! it’s me wearing heels!)

Yes, this has been another senseless post 🙂


4 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. Lol!u had better invite ur girly part of u bk n make her stay!I’m a shoe lover n d last year has been wonderful cos I got more shoes!so nw I have 10pairs of shoes 5heels n 5flats with 3 of d flats n 3 of d heels in matchin colours not mentionin slippers!dis is jst d beginnin,wen I start earnin my keep,I intend to build a shoe rack on d wall!hehehe!!my mum will be dismayed :D. Cnt blive I jst said all dat!#okbye!

    • Cheiiii this girl!…
      Thanks for reading. I’ll pray for you and your shoe fever.
      This girly girl in me is very lazy, she really can’t be bothered with lots of things. haha..
      Keep reading

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