I Want My Money Back!

I’m still mad…. Maybe more at myself…

So I was at a local Food Fair today. I love eating local and patronizing local vendors but goodness me, sometimes they go over board with their pricing.

I understand the cost of production bla bla bla…. but goodness…Well, let me just tell you guys what happened.

My Chicken sandwich and I, were at the Park and we needed something to eat. After watching a youtube video on some guy cooking salt fish, I had cravings for nothing else but salt fish.

When we got there, we browsed around for a bit and I saw a neighbor of mine whose family owns a restaurant. I felt this sought-of odd loyalty and felt I should patronize my neighbour.

Not a bad idea you’d think right? How wrong was I? I stood in front of that man’s stall for close to 10 minutes. I almost thought I was standing there begging for the food. Chrystall was smarter than I was, she walked away after the man totally ignored us when we tried to ask him when he was going to start serving.

Anyways, after my agonizing wait, i finally did get the salt fish but decided i wasn’t going to get all the sides it came with. When i went to pay, the guy told me my ill-looking, bland tasting meal was $15. I was in shock.  I have no problem paying that much money for food if i get great customer service and the food actually tastes good.



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