Red Snapper Awards

There’s neveImager a dull day at my office.  The place could be as quiet  as a graveyard and before you now it, as noisy as a kindergarten  play gound. As cheesy as this may sound, I really love  my coworkers.   Who else can I call my Chicken Sandwich other than Chrystall. Her cubicle is just right behind mine. I think she sees everything I do on my computer… She’s probably reading as I type.  Where else can I find someone to bully other than my office. Well, maybe bully isn’t the right word to use. It’s more like “talk into.” That’s where Eric comes in. He is the snack man. Eric can tell when you have snacks from a mile away.  Plus, you can always depend on him to pop up with snacks. Not just any snack but healthy snack.

For anyone who reallllllllly knows me, fashion isn’t one of the things I do well with. But when it comes to the office, I pretend to know a thing or two about fashion.  Meet Jason! I get to practice my male fashion ideas on him. I feel sorry for the dude. I get overbearingly annoying and I can see him boiling sometimes. At the end of the day, we just smile it off and look forward to the next “Jason fix your shoe lace.” lol …

Then you have the funny Todd, the  sort-of quiet Freeman. (I can’t say much about him… he is my editor. …lol)  Then the mother-figure Rebecca and the world’s best receptionist, Carol!

Wheeeh… This actually isn’t a post about my coworkers. This is more about me! YES! you got that right! vain me. 

So this morning during the weekly editorial meeting, the very creative and innovative Todd came up with a very brilliant idea. “The Red Snapper Award!”

Yep… The in house award will  sit on the desk of the reporter who submits great photos in time and  organizes them well. 

And guess who won the very first BVI Beacon Newspaper Red Snapper Award?  If you couldn’t tell by the photo, I won! and i have the red snapper hanging over my desk right now…(Eric, I’ve been watching you all day, take your eyes off my snapper.)

Now, the challenge is to win the award again next week.  Not only is the award an incentive but Todd said whoever wins it for four consecutive times  (more like whoever wins it for the entire month,) gets lunch from Vero’s Tasty Treats! (She cooks amazing curry. She’s located just five steps away from the office 🙂 )

The competition is on…I hope I can blog about the Red Snapper Award again soon. Bye! The Valentine’s Day champagne bottle is about to be popped. I don’t like Valentine’s Day much but i love champagne. bye….

Again, this has been another senseless post 🙂


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