Customer Service and I.

Your product or service could suck but once you got excellent customer service as cover  up, you’ll have not only my money but my loyalty.

I’m disappointed right now. I just walked out of a hair salon.

So, I walked in, said hello to everyone but got no response. Well, that wasn’t why I walked out but that should have been good reason enough to leave.

I sat down there and noticed a lady blow drying her own hair. I sat there for close to three minutes. She didn’t say a single word to me but just continued with her weave.

There was only one lady under the dryer, so I asked her where the hair dresser had gone and she told me the lady doing the weave was the hair dresser.

I waited for another minute or so and nothing was said. No “Hi, can I help you?” or “Please, give me a minute.” Nada!

I simply carried my unimportant-customer self and walked out. I’m going to wait till my hair dresser is available. My hair isn’t that dirty for me to sit through people who disregard their customers. 

And some people sit there and wonder why they hardly have customers?

Well, I sure will be telling a whole lot of ladies about that salon and I won’t fail to dish out warnings about not visiting that salon. It’s the 21st century, customers may not have been right and may not have been first priority but in this day and age, you treat your customer like gold no matter how “insignificant” the service they require is.

Wait, let me even go back and check the name of the salon…

Yes, this has been a not-so-senseless post 😐


4 thoughts on “Customer Service and I.

  1. Wat???deres nothing I hate more dan rudeness especially frm sm1 who is supposed to be poilte!u nor try u dis geh!u let dem off easy.u shud hv given dem a piece of ur mind 1st n told dem smtin dey wnt 4get in a hurry! God knws hw many pple I’ve done dat 2 includin a taxi driver yesterday.D dude parked in d middle of d road,a trailer was raging towards his yeye car n he said I shud enter!I jst looked in n said “its ok if u die nw,ure already old”n I walked away..Mtcheew! Better find a way to go bk dere n wash dose pple dat dunno hw to do bizness! #okbye

    • you this crazy offering girl!…I’ll follow your advice- I’ll go back there and have a decent conversation with them… Thanks for always reading my senseless posts 🙂

  2. As in!!!! I can’t believe most people forget the fact that without your customers u r nothing so be as friendly as possible!

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