I’m a Liar!

Wait! Don’t judge me yet. stop contemplating which Bible, Torah and Quaran verses to pelt at me.

But for real. I am a liar. I lied this morning, I’ve been lying a lot lately. I’ve lied each time anyone asked me “how are you?”
I’ve lied by replying “I am fine,” or “I am okay.”

(For those who might have a problem with me blogging about not being fine or sulking, before you read anymore, please take note of this blog address -“Vou-Vents,” not “anyone-else’s-vents)

So for the past say four to three months, I’ve been playing and acting the role of superwoman- whoever that is. I’ve been doing a heck of a job stifling my emotions. I’ve held on to my tears instead of letting them go. My fears have almost taken control of my life. Sleep almost doesn’t exist in my bedroom. My point here is, I’ve been emotionally constipated.

That can’t be healthy for anyone.

On my way to work this morning, I uttered the usual lie “I am fine, thank you,” and for some reason, it just didn’t sound right.

I’m really not going to mention all that isn’t right…but I plan not to be a liar anymore. I’m making up my mind now to be truthful in my answers…. Among other plans also is, being grateful for things as they as right now. I’m sure someone else has got it worse than I do.

I know…. this post really doesn’t make sense and is/was probably a waste of your time… but thanks for clicking anyways…


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