Well, hello St. Maarten…

There’s so much one can do while waiting for five hours at an airport. You can dance around, after all, no one knows you, you can fart out loud, you can call your friends over Skype and just entertain them….I won’t say which of those I’ve done, but I’m almost embarrassed of myself…. 🙂

My morning started a bit shaky with tears and the likes. All that didn’t last long. After I cleared security and was waiting to board the plane. A guy came and sat right next to me. After a few minutes, he asked if I was going on the same flight as he was. I said yes. He looked like a visitor to the Virgin Islands, so i asked him if he was visiting.

I found out shortly after that he is Nigerian… my tears stopped flowing (Saying good bye to my two closest friends wasn’t the easiest thing, the thought of traveling across the atlantic after so long didn’t help)

Naturally, we began a conversation about Nigeria and about my trip. He’s actually due to be Nigeria next week. We ended up sitting right next to each other on the plane since the plane had open seating. He is a pediatrician, he came to the VI to work for about six weeks. He seemed to have enjoyed his stay… so that’s great!

During our flight, we spoke about his experience in the Virgin Islands and I told him a bit about my job, then we spoke about Nigerian money. (I got some Nigerian money from a friend  a day before my trip and the way the money looks is still baffling to me…anyhow, that’s another blog topic right there) We spoke about a few Nigerian writers and of course, that included the great Chinua Achebe who passed away days ago.

So, I got to St. Maarten and he stayed on board. He was bound for Barbados via Antigua. 40 minutes passed by so fast, I enjoyed conversing with him.

Still in St. Maarten. I got four more hours. Thank goodness there’s wireless at the airport. I’m uber hungry. I’ll get food soon. I’m almost done psyching myself into paying an arm and a leg for airport food….

Actually, i’m only going now coz there’s a flight going to Tortola from St. Maarten and i’m going to see if there’s anyone I know going on it….. Oh the things i can do with five hours waiting at an airport….lol

type to you soon…..


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