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Before my vacation, I had plans of updating my blog at least everyday. Of course that didn’t happen. I was a little too ambitious on that plan. The only time I actually updated the blog was when i was in Amsterdam on my way over to Nigeria and on my way back from Nigeria.

But, I actually tried to type some stuff while i was home. so here we go…..

It’s Great to be home.

I don’t even know what the date is today. I don’t keep track of time anymore. I just wake up, brush my teeth, have a shower if I please, roam around the home and eventually move from one relative’s home to another.
I am on vacation.

No, I am not on vacation in just any country. I am on vacation in Nigeria, in Jos. I’ve been home for more than a week and everything has been going well.

There’s no place I’d rather be. Well, there are but being with family right now is the number one place.

My plan initially, was to blog each day of my trip home. I think that was a bit too ambitious. I’ll try give just summary of my time so far.

When I landed Jos, I was shocked at the state of the airport. That wasn’t the place I remembered when I left about eight years ago. But oh well, my disappointment over the dilapidated structure quickly vanished when I saw my crazy sister Kangyang already screaming my name from outside baggage claim.

I cleared my luggage and when I went outside and met my brother Dafwam waiting to meet their long lost sibling. I had been stressed and anxious for about five days prior to my arrival. Seeing my own blood/family made that anxiety immediately vanish. To my own embarrassment, I started doing all sorts of dance moves. I’m sure I looked like an idiot in front of all those folks at the airport. Looking like a fool was the least of my worries at the time. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I had any. The world was instantly a nicer place. All the elements were in my favour.

On our way home from the airport, I almost reenacted the Nigerian movie “Osofia in London.” I hailed almost everyone we passed in the village of Riyom. I was like a monkey who had just been let out of a cage.

My mom and dad knew I was going to be visiting home, but were not sure which day I was arriving, so when they saw me, as anyone would expect, they were shocked. My mom and I cried as we embraced each other. My dad played a little hard to get, he waited for me to hug him first…lol I didn’t mind.

The flood of emotions had just begun. I was greeted by a lot of relatives, some of whom I didn’t remember, some I did. The next couple days would be filled screaming and memory jerking.

I’ve been home for more than a week now, and I’m still meeting new faces. Just that by this time, I don’t have all the energy in the world to scream or act so hyper about meeting folks I remember.

It’s been great being home, seeing old familiar faces. It’s not been very fun trying to remember everyone. I feel safe at home. Home is indeed where the heart is. My heart is here in Jos with my family. I am at peace.

Good Morning Amsterdam

I almost don’t know where all that vacation time flew too. I guess time really doesf fly when you’re having fun.

I left Nigeria last night and here I am in Amsterdam, getting ready to head back to what happens to be my idea/version of “normal life.” 

Saying goodbye at home(Nigeria) was no easy task. If I had a million dollars, i’d pay just to go see those faces again. But as my friend -Emma Bestman put it< going back to the BVI is like a fart, you’ll always have to let it out eventually…

Oh, I’m using free wifi here and i got four more minutes… 
More blog posts when I’m over the stress of traveling for over 22 hours…

Type to you soon..