Good Morning Amsterdam

I almost don’t know where all that vacation time flew too. I guess time really doesf fly when you’re having fun.

I left Nigeria last night and here I am in Amsterdam, getting ready to head back to what happens to be my idea/version of “normal life.” 

Saying goodbye at home(Nigeria) was no easy task. If I had a million dollars, i’d pay just to go see those faces again. But as my friend -Emma Bestman put it< going back to the BVI is like a fart, you’ll always have to let it out eventually…

Oh, I’m using free wifi here and i got four more minutes… 
More blog posts when I’m over the stress of traveling for over 22 hours…

Type to you soon..



4 thoughts on “Good Morning Amsterdam

  1. Lol… i’m glad you made the first stop already, and should have returned to your normal life as well. Love reading your blogs – wordsmith!!! welcome come but our hearts are aching… take care of you!

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