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Dear Nephew/Niece

imageDear nephew/niece,

Today’s date is May, 6, 2013. You may or may not have been conceived, I don’t know. I just thought I’d write you this short, or maybe not so short note about your mom and dad and maybe about life.

I was with your mom and dad just about a month ago. I had a great time. I witnessed as they got married. They looked so happy and in love. I was happy seeing both of them happy. They are a match from heaven. Your mom looked so pretty and your dad looked handsome and ready to take on the craziness of my sister, your mom…lol (I’m not sure your generation knows what LOL is….it was the in-thing in my time)

Nephew/Niece, you got the best parents in the world. Shortly before I left Nigeria a month ago, I spent two nights at your parents new home in Miyango. (They probably won’t be living in the same  by the time you’re old enough to read this.) They were great hosts. Your father played really nice and fun Christian music each morning. he made the house lively, while your mom tried to make sure breakfast was on time.  And at night, as you’ll expect of newly weds, they sat on the sofa together, being all lovie-dovie with each other (You probably don’t want to hear that right now…haha)

Being at your parents’ new home was among the highlights of my trip. I was so at peace seeing them both happy.

Now, enough of the lame and cheesy stuff.

You should brag about your parents when you grow up. They both met in the church and clearly love the lord. I have no worries and concerns about the upbringing you will or are receiving. They never began their day without morning devotion. The first time i went to their home, I noticed a this piece of art on the wall. It was a collection of currency from all over the world. I only saw it for what it was: a collection of currency. But your dad saw it from a spiritual angle. Now, I’m not the most spiritual person and can’t memorize up to 15 memory verses. Your dad immediately spoke of about three Bible verses that inspired the currency collection. You’ll have no worries and difficulties understanding the Bible and spiritual things.

Your parents are hardworking. I’m sure you’ll grow up to be responsible like the both of them. I can speak extensively about your mom. Apart from the fact that she always avoided household chores sometimes, she had such great work ethics and a thirst for knowledge. She is such a brain box, i’m sure you won’t have any issues learning scientific stuff from her. As from your dad, you’ll learn to argue knowledgeably. A couple times during my stay, we had some really nice discussion and he knows quite a lot about different aspects of life, not just spiritual things.

Okay nephew/niece,  I have to get back to work now. But I’ ll definitely return to finish this letter.



Lately, i’ve been impressed with my choice of clothing. I’m beginning to feel like someone who really knows what she’s about in fashion…I really wish i did. This photo is of me on Friday. I was loving he maxi skirt, tank top and scarf combination. I’ve developed this love and interest in maxi skirts and dresses.
Okay, I better stop now, this is beginning to sound like a fashion blog post and this is soooooo not me.