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Rescue Mission

Just for those who don’t know, I am a Superwoman.

Now, that’s me modestly stating who I am. Yea, I know… those with super powers don’t really go around bragging about their powers. But I must warn you, that’s what Hollywood wants you to believe.

I’ve tried my entire life not to brag about my ability to do certain things. I can’t even begin to count how many successful rescue missions I’ve gone on. Words can’t tell the amount of faces I’ve made smile.

Being a superwoman is great. I can’t continue to hide this fact. And please, other superwomen and men out there should feel free to express their powers openly.

Okay, all that long talk aside, this afternoon, I went on a rescue mission and as usual, I didn’t make a scene or draw any attention. Heck, even the person I helped wasn’t aware I helped her.

I was standing in the line at the bank this afternoon when the lady behind me pointed to the  not-so-tiny jack spaniard perched on the bag the lady in front of me held.

Oh boy! my superpower instincts kicked in right away. My mind began moving faster than lightning. I was thinking of ways to move that insect without causing a scene. I didn’t want to scare people away. I had to be as discrete as possible.

I reached into my handbag, grabbed my professional reporter’s notebook and my purse. Gradually, I estimated the distance between the jack spaniard and myself.

The darn thing was fearlessly looking straight into my eyes. It had this “I dare you,” stare about it. I didn’t let that deter me from rescuing that woman. From the look of things, taking it off the bag or even maybe killing that insect wasn’t going to be an easy task.

I think that was probably one of the toughest situations I’ve faced since I stopped denying my superpowers.

My dear readers, please believe me when I say this; I handled that situation as though it were my last mission. With seal, I smashed that sucker hard in between my notepad and purse.

I felt accomplished. The lady in front of me didn’t even notice the war that went on. Her attention was fixed on some information CNN was feeding her. She only turned and smiled when she heard other bank costumers thanking me for my heroic act; saving her from what would have been the worse jack spaniard stink of all time.

I am a Superwoman. You don’t have to believe me…

It’s Friday, smile…

Lets Work Out!


I’ve been horrible when it comes to my exercise. Please, don’t even ask about my diet. I’ve eaten all the not-so wrong things at the very wrong time and at horrendous proportions. 

I have no one to apologize to… I’m sorry ( Haha… Just kidding, I’m not sorry.)

Okay ego aside, this morning, I was awake very early as usual and the dominant thought was about me getting back to my exercise again. I thought of the ‘love handles’ that are beginning to reappear and the fact that I almost hyper ventilate each time I walk up my stair case. Needless to say, I had to make a decision. And take one fast!

I took my Nigerian self up from the bed and made a pledge with my hands to my chest, that I will work out every day for the next 30 days. ( No, I’m lying… It wasn’t that dramatic. I lazily got up from the bed, turned on my computer, procrastinated a bit before proceeding to do 50 squats and then work on my abs, which right now, almost look like a flab or dough- that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. )

After just 10 minutes, I was beginning to sweat. Who loves to sweat so early? (past 7 a.m.) So I stopped, and surprisingly, I was energized and almost hyper as I ironed, showered and got set for work. i’ve been able to maintain that energy.

It’s 3 p.m. right now, and I’m done with my work, ready to head home, change and go for a run.

I’m making a commitment to myself. For the next 30 days (well, maybe except for my birthday on July 5), I must do some form of exercise, even if it means just eating a bowl of Ice cream. That counts as me exercising my mouth right? (Ha! gotcha… you really thought I meant that right?)

Lets work out, shall we?

cheers 🙂 

Hello Damilola!


This short post here is about my friend Damilola AKA Dami.
The last time I was on here, I asked my readers to tell me what they’ll like to read from me… I got just one reply, which I value and sure will be writing a post about what the reader wanted.

I was about to do it this afternoon, when Dami said “Vou, I’ve not read anything from you lately and when are you going to write about me?”

(I think that’s a bit vain of Dami…lol) But anyways, this here, is about you Dami…

Dami is an amazing friend. He made my last day in Nigeria amazing.
I forgot my sneakers in Jos and I only realised that on my way to the airport at Lagos. I called super hero Dami, who gave up his entire day to make sure I got sneakers, else my feet would have frozen in Amsterdam…

So, Dami, drove me around Ikeja, we got my shoes, experienced Lagos traffic, visited the famous Shoprite I’v always heard ads of on CoolFM and even had lunch at some Iya Basira place… (Dami, should I tell them you also got me food poisoned with that cow intestines?…lol ok… I won’t tell…)

Not only did he drive me around, he kept me in constant laughter. Anyone who knows Dami, should also know that he is one clown and he is real!

He also stayed with me at the airport until I checked in and boarded… We made several jokes of people’s outfits…(Not that we were uber dressed ourselves…) Dami remember that dude traveling to Switzerland with his “Girlfriend Needed: Apply Here,” shirt? lol. Remember that dude that was screaming out his phone conversation, asking his friend to come to the airport so they could drink and say goodbye to another friend? lol

Oh! Do you remember the freezing detention room on our to the restaurant? (They food wasn’t all that great but they charged me an arm and a leg for it…lol I couldn’t even eat. I had anxiety over leaving Nigeria… I so didn’t want to leave. I was thinking up all sorts of excuses I could make just so I won’t return…lol).

I remember you saying you valued your freedom too much to do something that would land you in such detention rooms….lol Fun times!

I had a great time Dami…

Thanks Dami.. You’re amazing…



It’s been over three weeks since I passed by this blog. As usual, I’ve just been lazy and the interesting thing is, there’s quite a lot going on in my life right now… (like me trying to be a real grown up girl and all that stuff…:-) )

I have to get back to work now…. but before I leave, I think it will be fair if I ask my very few readers, what they’ll like me to write about on this blog. Be it a blog challenge or wanna hear my opinion on a certain topic, Let me know….