Hello Damilola!


This short post here is about my friend Damilola AKA Dami.
The last time I was on here, I asked my readers to tell me what they’ll like to read from me… I got just one reply, which I value and sure will be writing a post about what the reader wanted.

I was about to do it this afternoon, when Dami said “Vou, I’ve not read anything from you lately and when are you going to write about me?”

(I think that’s a bit vain of Dami…lol) But anyways, this here, is about you Dami…

Dami is an amazing friend. He made my last day in Nigeria amazing.
I forgot my sneakers in Jos and I only realised that on my way to the airport at Lagos. I called super hero Dami, who gave up his entire day to make sure I got sneakers, else my feet would have frozen in Amsterdam…

So, Dami, drove me around Ikeja, we got my shoes, experienced Lagos traffic, visited the famous Shoprite I’v always heard ads of on CoolFM and even had lunch at some Iya Basira place… (Dami, should I tell them you also got me food poisoned with that cow intestines?…lol ok… I won’t tell…)

Not only did he drive me around, he kept me in constant laughter. Anyone who knows Dami, should also know that he is one clown and he is real!

He also stayed with me at the airport until I checked in and boarded… We made several jokes of people’s outfits…(Not that we were uber dressed ourselves…) Dami remember that dude traveling to Switzerland with his “Girlfriend Needed: Apply Here,” shirt? lol. Remember that dude that was screaming out his phone conversation, asking his friend to come to the airport so they could drink and say goodbye to another friend? lol

Oh! Do you remember the freezing detention room on our to the restaurant? (They food wasn’t all that great but they charged me an arm and a leg for it…lol I couldn’t even eat. I had anxiety over leaving Nigeria… I so didn’t want to leave. I was thinking up all sorts of excuses I could make just so I won’t return…lol).

I remember you saying you valued your freedom too much to do something that would land you in such detention rooms….lol Fun times!

I had a great time Dami…

Thanks Dami.. You’re amazing…


2 thoughts on “Hello Damilola!

  1. I guess u forgot dis statement or decided not to say it “aunty ur leg big o, we no get ur size”………lolz. U r a darling

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