Rescue Mission

Just for those who don’t know, I am a Superwoman.

Now, that’s me modestly stating who I am. Yea, I know… those with super powers don’t really go around bragging about their powers. But I must warn you, that’s what Hollywood wants you to believe.

I’ve tried my entire life not to brag about my ability to do certain things. I can’t even begin to count how many successful rescue missions I’ve gone on. Words can’t tell the amount of faces I’ve made smile.

Being a superwoman is great. I can’t continue to hide this fact. And please, other superwomen and men out there should feel free to express their powers openly.

Okay, all that long talk aside, this afternoon, I went on a rescue mission and as usual, I didn’t make a scene or draw any attention. Heck, even the person I helped wasn’t aware I helped her.

I was standing in the line at the bank this afternoon when the lady behind me pointed to the  not-so-tiny jack spaniard perched on the bag the lady in front of me held.

Oh boy! my superpower instincts kicked in right away. My mind began moving faster than lightning. I was thinking of ways to move that insect without causing a scene. I didn’t want to scare people away. I had to be as discrete as possible.

I reached into my handbag, grabbed my professional reporter’s notebook and my purse. Gradually, I estimated the distance between the jack spaniard and myself.

The darn thing was fearlessly looking straight into my eyes. It had this “I dare you,” stare about it. I didn’t let that deter me from rescuing that woman. From the look of things, taking it off the bag or even maybe killing that insect wasn’t going to be an easy task.

I think that was probably one of the toughest situations I’ve faced since I stopped denying my superpowers.

My dear readers, please believe me when I say this; I handled that situation as though it were my last mission. With seal, I smashed that sucker hard in between my notepad and purse.

I felt accomplished. The lady in front of me didn’t even notice the war that went on. Her attention was fixed on some information CNN was feeding her. She only turned and smiled when she heard other bank costumers thanking me for my heroic act; saving her from what would have been the worse jack spaniard stink of all time.

I am a Superwoman. You don’t have to believe me…

It’s Friday, smile…


15 thoughts on “Rescue Mission

  1. Oh Superwoman… What a mission, indeed!! “I reached into my bag, grabbed my professional… What? Thought I was gonna hear professional insect killer or jack spaniard life-ending piece but what did I get instead? Reporter’s notebook! What a weapon… Lol! You’re such an uber writer got me laughing all the way down. Nice work, superwoman! So next time I have a scorpion hanging over someone’s ear I’d call superwoman to come rescue hehe. Welldizzle Superwizzle…lol!

    • Haha,
      Emma, thanks for always checking out my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed this senseless post.
      But on a serious note though, it wasn’t easy at the bank this afternoon. I think I might want to retire after this mission. So, if my any chance you happen to have a scorpion on your shirt, Omo, you’re on your own oh! Haha
      Smile dear, it’s Friday!

  2. Lol…superwoman i hail.i am also a superwoman
    like 1 minute before i read this,i used my super powers. this big mosquito was chilling on the ceiling,well i couldnt be a victim this i grabbed a book quickly and i said “i will kill you”. determined,i climbed the couch ,and then the center table and i jumped and smashed this unfortunate mosquito.
    feeling accomplished i said “i told you,i would kill you” and i tossed the dead insect away 😀

    • Thanks for reading Zeze,
      I must commend you for your act of bravery…. from the moment I saw you at St. Louis College yearsssss ago, I knew we had something in common.
      Mere human beings would ready about your experience and even mine and think we might be crazy. Don’t feel discouraged… carry on with these great acts… don’t give up simply because such acts are beyond the common man’s comprehension….
      way to go fellow superwoman… That mosquito got what was coming it’s way… Sucker!

  3. I waz wondering what you posted on your blog until i read it. It was hilarious as i read it. But come oo. What if it waz some other baddest reptle would you have had a courage to smash it.
    Anyways, nice one. SUPERWOMAN

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