I’ve been out of touch with this blog for quite a while and I have a very good excuse: I am a mother to a 3-month-plus old boy.

He is an amazing child. I couldn’t ask for anything more. There’s this indescribable joy that comes with having him. I feel blessed. 

It’s such a huge responsibility but by the Grace of God, I will raise him up the best way I can. I will make sure he understands that God is real and cares about him.

He was not born with a manual, I’m only hoping for strength and grace to take care of him as God would want me to. After all, he’s a blessing from God. I must cherish him and treat him with care. Treat him more precious than any other treasure.

I’m not perfect myself, so I only pray I live a life worthy of emulation. I pray I become a light to his path. 
He will grow up to be a great gentleman….

Relax people! I’m only talking about my godson. 

I officially became a godmother last night. It was an amazing feeling.


4 thoughts on “Motherhood

    • thanks for Reading my sister in Amebo…lol
      He’s my first godchild. I felt honoured and blessed when his mom asked me to be a godchild…
      As for chief bridesmaid, uhmmm i’m not too sure about that one for me…lol My best friend doesn’t look like she’ll get married soon so i better chill…lol

  1. From bridesmaid to godmother, I see you’re getting closer and closer. When you started I was like jeez mehn did she find a baby in the dustbin or something but then I remembered you weren’t in the country lol!! Congrats on your latest promotion…hehe

    • Haha,
      Groomsman gaskiya ne fa… I just noticed to progression.. Ubangiji ya kai mu kenan…lol
      thanks for reading..
      thanks for congratulating me …hahah I’ll keep you posted if any other promotions surface… 🙂

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