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Listen World!

I want to take off my glasses all day(That way, I wont see people and won’t have the need to say hello. I can’t see without them).
I want to turn up the volume of my music all the way up. Today is one of those days I just want to take a long endless walk.

It’s one of those days that only the long draggy, pity-party songs will do.
I want to listen to Adele, Maxwell, Lauryn Hill, Christina Perri, Asa and whoever else gets you thinking about all the evil you’ve committed.

I have more positive than moody and negative days.
When days like these do come by, they hit me really hard… I really want to know I’m normal. Tell me someone else has days like this.

If I could stay away from human contact today, I’ll be the happiest human on earth. Can someone write my articles for the day and contact all the sources that need to be called?And while we’re at it, can someone turn down the heat and scourge of the sun too?
Just hand me a camera and please, may the flowers at the Botanic Gardens be in bloom. I Just want to go shoot some images! I want to be behind a camera noticing the very little precious things in life… Maybe, just maybe that can cheer me up.

Today is not just one of those days!

The Omniscient Male

I’d like to start this post apologizing for not being a consistent blogger, but I’m afraid it won’t be new. So let’s get straight to the point shall we?

I do not own a car yet, so I always have to depend on taking taxis or rides from my friends and sometimes people with good hearts who happen to own vehicles.

So on Wednesday, my body and my bed a had time parting with each other, so I ended up being in bed later than usual and as a result, missed getting a lift with my landlord.

I literally dragged myself through the basic things I had to do before leaving home.

After I left my street, I met him: The all-knowing-male.

He stopped to give me a lift and though I was late, my guts told me to reject the ride, I didn’t.
Now, this guy is someone I’m kind of acquainted with.

Well, of course, he had to pass the usual cheesy and weak compliments – “You still look good.” (C’mon brother, you look like you’ve been in this game too long to be using such phrases)

Awkward lifts and rides also lend themselves to further awkwardness. So All-Knowing Male thought giving me a lift entitled him to ask me questions like “What do you do for fun” “Where do you hang out?” “Oh so your boyfriend must be the one keeping you home all the time.”

In most cases, I try my best to give answers that’ll hint I’m not interested. I did however, answer this guy.
I told him I’m almost a loner by choice, I hardly hang out and when I do, I’d rather be doing some outdoor activity like go to an empty beach, go hiking or go running than sit in a bar being ogled by thirsty men or having my ears being blown up with a shallow conversation from some guy who can barely see beyond a lady’s eyeshadow.

Then he dropped the bomb!

“Oh, so you prefer white guys! oh, I know you prefer white guys. I am good at reading between the lines,” he said.

My eyes grew in shock. I tried not to embarrass him by not letting my jaws drop to the floor.

I was about to pull a Madea move on him. But I decided to come down and reason at his level. I mustered a cynical smile and asked why he thought I “preferred” white guys. ¬†Apparently, only white guys actively involve themselves in outdoor activities and black guys just sit home and play games, make babies and eat.

Did I mention he’s a black guy? From a country with lots of outdoor activities? Oh, wait, those activities are for white male tourists alone.

After such comments, some folks still ask why I’d rather be a part-time hermit?

Oh and for the record, I don’t prefer any race but should there be a gun to my head, I’ll run after my Nigerian guys.