Judge Not a Man By His Music

Yup, that’s right! I judged him by his music. What a great mistake.

So, on Friday, an acquaintance invited to come hang out and have drinks with him and his friends. After hours of trying to convince myself that it was okay to be somewhere other than on my bed on a Friday evening, I gave in.

It wasn’t an easy decision putting down the book I was/am reading to be in town doing nothing, watching people drink their lives away. It was tough.

Usually, Friday to me meant I got a few more hours to stay home during the weekend, meant I had more sleep hours, more reading time and in short, just more time to spend with my bed, my food, my music, internet and Bible study here and there.

First of all, I was hesitant to go out with this acquaintance because, I don’t know much about him. He listens to old school, underground kinda rap music. The rap that made sense, the rap that inspired people to ditch social injustices. For some reason, somewhere in my head, I thought for someone to listen to such deep music, he must have some deep thoughts and not be as shallow as some guys. I thought I’d have conversation about a lot of things beyond the latest hangout spot and the sorts. Well I was wrong.

The outing was one of the worst I’ve ever subjected myself to.
I was so bored that one of the guys sitting on the table right next to me reached out and whispered in my ears “doesn’t look like you’re enjoying the company you’re with.” I just smiled and nodded.

Well, we moved on to another restaurant/hangout spot and dude just sat there with nothing to say. Thank goodness, it was a sports bar. Baseball never looked so appealing. I spent close to 40 minutes just watching the a baseball game on the screen. At long intervals, dude would interrupt me to say something total irrelevant.

I got to my breaking point and told him I needed to go home. Initially I told him I don’t stay out of my house past 10:30. But I was ready to go before then.

The kicker came when on our way to his vehicle, he was handing me his key to drive his vehicle… I won’t say what happened next.

But I got home safe…but never again am I going to judge people based on their music…
I basically wasted a few hours of my Friday night. Best believe I won’t be going anywhere on Friday nights for a very long time. Except poetry Open Mic or me going to some assignment.

This has been yet another senseless post… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Judge Not a Man By His Music

  1. i love my sleep just like u do,guess it runs in the blood,well for boring pips i can actually leave that place,in Nigeria there is this phrase as “vex money”,meaning you agree to go for an outing only when u can take yourself home when the company is unfit for u without having to wait on them to take u home.

    • my dear, I had more than enough vex money that night oh. I just didn’t have a strong excuse to leave. I just wanted to see if the poor, socially awkward guy would have noticed my boredom…

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