Adulthood, Grossly Overrated.

This has absolutely nothing to do with my self-diagnosis of Quarter Life Crisis.

Being an adult isn’t easy. Can I just go back to living with my parents, don’t pay bills, play all day, eat all I want and don’t give a care what anyone feels? Can I sleep and have my mom wake me up, tell me it’s time for school? Have my mom make my breakfast? Help me iron my school uniform? Like, can I just be a kid once again?
Being a senior citizen is an equal, if not a more attractive option. I just want to stay home, do nothing, have my meals cooked for me, have bills paid, have grand kids who show up just to hug me and dish out nothing but love, while I act all wise and knowing as I tell stories of “back in my days.”

C’mon universe, Is that too much to ask?
Seriously, I think I’ve been called to be a child or a senior citizen. Be an adult? Ain’t no body gat time for that.

I had to drag myself out of bed this morning and convince myself that it was okay to have a shower, drink water in the name of breakfast(all because I was in bed late and couldn’t fry eggs or make oats- another task), dress up in a somewhat professional way and head out to work.
On my way to work, I had to psych myself into believing I’ll have a good day. I did my best.

I got into the office and immediately went head on into my work. The first call I made was to a senior citizen who I thought has always being a cheerleader of mine… Oh how wrong was I? My lady went ham on me for whatever reason, I still don’t know…The last time I had a chat with her, she was praising me and my work in front of someone.
That short two minutes just reinforced my need to be a child or a senior citizen.
No adult would have given me that much attitude first thing in the morning and walk away without some subtle verbal lashing.

I’ve forgiven her, instead of being sulky and hosting a self pity-party, I’ll consider that phone call one of the perks of being a senior citizen. As a matter of fact, I want to be like her some day- do whatever I want and say whatever i want at anytime. No one will dare question me…lol

After I spoke with the lady, I went to the senior citizens’ home to look for a few elders who would contribute to the piece i’m working on. As I sat there waiting on the home’s manager to come attend to me, an elderly lady who doesn’t know me from Adam walked to me, stretched out her arms, reached out for me, and showered my cheeks with kisses, then just walked away.
People, that’s the life right there! As a senior citizen, I can decide to be moody or happy and who are you to tell me I’m just being dramatic? But as an adult, I can’t just walk to people and kiss them then walk away. Well, I could, but I’d probably end up in jail for harassment or some other charge of the same sort.
(I was glad that old lady hugged me breathless and kissed my cheek. It’s been a while I got that special treatment…Oh well.)

Look people, judge me if you may, but I’m done venting for the morning…. 🙂 Now I can go about looking and acting normal…. hehehe

Smile 😉


6 thoughts on “Adulthood, Grossly Overrated.

  1. Nice vent Vou. My take is every stage of life got its challenges. when you were a child you could’nt wait to grow up and leave your parents’ home, when you are old you wish for the live of your 40s and when 30s/ 40s you want to be a child again. the circle of life lol

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