“Are You in Your 30s’?”

This is it!

I’m done not going to the gym. I’m done eating in excess all the things I shouldn’t really eat. I’ll begin working out again with a vengeance.

No more slacking during aerobics, no more screaming when my trainer pushes me to do more sets. I quit being a punk and such a weakling.

This morning shall never repeat itself.

After working off my butt at the gym, I decided to stop at the makeup store right next door to see if I can get an item or two.
As I sat down there with the lady testing out foundation on my face, she looked at me and randomly said “Are you in your 30s?”

Say what?!?

Just about a month ago, the guy I’ve been secretly crushing on at the gym told me he thought I was 19 years old (Can I just say how handsome he is, how much of a motivation he sometimes is at the gym? No? I can’t? Okay I wont say then šŸ˜¦ Ā ) Surely I couldn’t have possibly aged that much in less than a month.

I mean, that guy totally told me he avoided making a pass at me due to the fact that I was so young. How then could this woman think I’m in my thirties? My fashion taste isn’t like a typical 25/26 year-old, so I’ll sort of get where this woman was coming from.

Whatever made her feel she could just blurt out such an assumption, I shall never know. šŸ˜¦

Apparently, my complexion has changed and this is likely to happen more with women in their 30s’ due to hormonal changes or unbalance, said this makeup consultant. Sigh. The first time I ever bought makeup, about three years ago, I got it from her store. She used a darker shade on me then and as such, is able to tell my shade is lighter, she said.

Well, this is it, I guess me exercising and trying to stay healthy with healthier food choices, has got nothing to do with my complexion change.

All I could do was laugh to her face, but of course inside I was trembling like a Nigerian Kid about to be lashed in front of the school assembly. Right there and then, I made up my mind to start working out insanely as I did this time last year when I was working out with a red dress for Christmas as my goal/destination.

I’ll give myself a few more weeks of reasonably extreme workouts then visit that lady’s store again. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll come up with a different age. Maybe younger! Sigh

Again, this has been another senseless post šŸ™‚

Smile, laugh, play, eat, fart and be silly. Life is too short.


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