Candle Light Dinner

It’s going down right now as I type. (How rude of me to be blogging while dinner is taking place)

Guys, Christmas hasn’t been my thing for years now. Things took a turn for the worst a couple of years ago when after having my hopes high for more than two months, an ex sort-of ditched me on Christmas eve. (Please, I know you’re reading this, but blame it on the wine… but then, who really cares?)

Since then, Christmas and I haven’t been on good terms. A few days before Christmas, I begin to get moody and blue. This year though, I’m grabbing the bull by the horn.

This evening, I decided I wasn’t going to have the normal gloomy, dreamy Christmas. 
I had almost half a bottle of wine in the fridge, some yogurt and crackers. 

I got dressed in some nice comfy pants, a nice stay-home top, turned off all the lights, turned on some old school Motown classics, and lit a candle.

I’m wining and dining myself. Have a problem with that???? … I thought so too!

I’m sure this post will make no sense, but ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I’m having a good time up in here. The volume is as high as a Rastaman about to meditate, the wine is doing exactly what it’s meant to do and I’ll want to think I’m dancing.
I mean with songs from legends like Marvin Gaye, Temptations, The Supremes and Smokey Robinson and The Miracles playing, do I have a choice? (And by the way, those old time folks really did play music. Don’t even get me started on the matching suits and Jerry curled hair styles. If I was young in the days of Smokey Robinson, I’m sure my dad would have thrown me out the house… That old man was one fine creature…)

Yooow, life is too short to be blogging while having dinner with one’s self

I’m out of here! (Blame this craziness of a post the half glass of wine in front of me.)


4 thoughts on “Candle Light Dinner

  1. LOL! “Smokeyyyy!” What a fun post to read, clearly you had a great time! Don’t worry about the past- that ex lost out! Embrace your beautiful future, the end of the year (Christmas season/New Year) is like a bow in arrow pulled way back, let go of what was and soar through into the new year 🌠

    • I sure had a great time Cris… 🙂
      Don’t worry about the ex, I’m not bothered about him…lol that’s long gone… it’s just that Christmas has been scared the more because of the incident…but it’s all good 🙂 by next Christmas, it won’t matter anymore

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