Mission Aborted

It’s Christmas Eve.
In a typical Nigerian home, there’ll be lots of cooking, cleaning and frying taking place.

So, as part of my plans to have a very bright Christmas, I decided to actually do stuff around the house to give me that Christmas feeling too.

Of all things to do, my novice self decided I was going to make chin-chin, a typical pastry around Christmas time in Nigeria. When I was a kid, my mom or aunties were charged with the task of making the chin-chin, mine was just to standby for when they needed help doing minor chores around. That means I never really got the opportunity to make chin-chin and frankly, at the time, I never forced myself to learn.

Boys and girls, I made up my mind to make chin-chin with no concrete knowledge on how to go about it. I decided I couldn’t trust Youtube alone so, I sent my aunty a message, asking for recipe and steps to making chin-chin.

Now, this is the aunty to impress. She’s the stylish one, the big time chef, the culinary whiz. She sent me the list of items i’ll need and how to make this famous chin chin. I felt so good and optimistic.

Well, I decided this morning to make my house festive. I think I followed all the rules in making the dough. i poured my chin-chin in the hot oil to fry and my people, with all the shame in the world, Im sad to report that the thing looked like pancakes…

As it is right now, everything has been put on hold, with my kitchen counter looking a hot mess. I don’t think I’m brave enough yet to call my aunty and tell her I failed at making the chin-chin she makes so well.

Right now, I’m not doing well on the wife-material stack. Well, I can make mean stew, some vegetable soup, I’m not too great on he egusi soup making corner either. 

So, my dear Nigerian husband, if you’re looking to have chin-chin at your home during Christmas, you may have to think of other options like having a pro make it or even scrap the whole idea off your mind.

Who will marry me? I can’t make chin-chin? lol My life is over!

People, I’m going back to sleep!

Have a good Christmas.


9 thoughts on “Mission Aborted

  1. Lol… Enjoy your deep fried pancakes :P. My friend is making our chin-chin too :D, guess Im still doing the ‘standby’ when help is needed in the kitchen ;).

    • My dear,
      Don’t let them deceive you oh! Join in the chin-chin making. That’s how they’ve made me automatically lose ten yards off my wife material…lol
      Merry Christmas Chalya 😉

  2. Lol this is funny because I did the exact same thing today! My first batch wasn’t like pancakes but it def wasn’t chin chin. To the trash the entire thing went. A few hours later- armed with more you tube ammunition and web recipes, I tried it again. Needless to say it came out much better but definitely not awesome-amazing. Pretty decent though. So my dear don’t hang in the towel just yet, victory can be had!

    • Oh my! I see all you comments! Thank you very much. After knocking on the chin chin gods’ door for a while, they finally opened up and poured their blessing! See my Chin chin now, Na God win.

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