Judge Not!

There are certain topics and issues I wish I could be bold enough to blog about.

Farts and a scattered room are among them.
Now, before I scare my future husband (I’d say boyfriend, but I think I’m becoming too old for that…lol) away, I shall refrain from publicly speaking about farts and a scattered bedroom.
So, this is just me thinking out loud and pretending I have the courage to blog about my farts…

He/she who does not fart, please cast the first stone…hahah

Hey Folks,
I hardly have any visitors, but just in case you’re thinking visiting me today, please consider this an advisory not to.
I’ve been farting all day and my bedroom is in chaos. I’ve got clothes on the bed and I’m too lazy to put them in place. As such, I’m spending time in the living room and that means all the fart shall be passed in here…

But thank goodness for scented candles and air refreshers…

Okay, bye…

Oh… did I hear you say I’m letting out too much information…. Last time I checked, the title of this blog said “Vou Vents” not “whatever your name is” Vents…

Smile, love, laugh, be silly, fart if you have too, life is too short to hold in farts.

Alright folks, there we have it, I’ve managed to blog about farts… (Goodness I need to be embarrassed of myself…lol)

bye folks…


8 thoughts on “Judge Not!

  1. Ha ha ha ha. you are too funny.

    I am certain that after this post you will not longer be embarrassed to talk about your Fart.

    Everytime I hear a fart story, I am reminded of a poem we used to say in primary school. Here it goes:
    Fart is a gas that comes thru the ass and goes to the atmosphere,
    It comes to your nose and smells like rose that is how you know s**t is near.
    It goes to the West Indies, it blows down houses and trees,
    it makes Michael Jackson sneeze to watch how you’re fasting please. LOL

  2. Ever fart to the point where you had to leave the room cos the smell was soooo unbearable? Or how about you were alone in the house, weren’t expecting any visitor, you needed to fart and you let it out but just after releasing the awful bomb next thing, its a knock on your door…lol! Tis a case of can’t take back the gas, embarrassing you’d say. You’re not just funny but crazy with this post..hahahaaha mai tusa kawai hehehe I can even perceive the awful smell from here, hmmmm who mess?lol

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