BREAKING NEWS- Dinosaur Remains Found In the Virgin Islands!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dinosaur remains have just been discovered at Long Trench, on the beautiful Island of Tortola, Virgin Islands.
The 50-feet long baby dinosaur was discovered by Shaquanana “Never-tell-a-lie” Jango shortly after he began digging into the rocky hilltop soil on his excavator, Thursday morning.
“Maan, that heck was big. Meh think seh ah duppy,” Jango said. “Jah burn duppy! Fire pan duppy!”
Scientists from the renowned Fellowship of Fake Dinosaur Discoveries have since arrived on Island to confirm what specie of the extinct creature Mr. Jango may have seen.
Fake News Reporters will bring you more updates as they become available.

Okay folks, relax! This clearly is a lie. If you believed that piece of crap, then by all means please slap yourself…lol

I had to do it.
I’m fed up of people thinking as a reporter I must know every little thing going on around the country.
So this afternoon, I tried to at least put a stop to it…hahaha
I was at the bank and the teller asked me what the latest news is/was.
I paused for a minute and told him dinosaur remains had just been discovered on the island.

This guy who should be in his mid twenties totally believed me. I told him the news was still being kept a secret until scientist confirmed what type of dinosaur it is. I even told him the creature was as big as half the bank lobby.

I know… I’m a very bad person, but how can someone in this day and age believe that that bit of news could possibly be true for a such a tiny Caribbean island?

Bless his heart!


10 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS- Dinosaur Remains Found In the Virgin Islands!

  1. Soon as I saw “Jango” I knew it had to be fake but well done for nicely cooking up a hoax, hehehe! Tortola would have made serious money this weekend had it been Please let us know soon as the uhh so called. Scientists confirm the Specie.

  2. LOL, how could you forget to mention the precious gems found next to the Dinosaur bones, Vou? Tsk, tsk, tsk, you can’t be giving just half of the story!

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