The Nigerian Husband

Ladies, gentlemen, girls and boys, 

In recent posts, I’ve made several references to some mystical Nigerian man and how I think no Nigerian man would marry me because of my inability to cook certain Nigerian dishes.

Before we all get ahead of ourselves, I’m not particularly looking oh. At this point sef, I can’t confirm or deny that there’s already a Nigerian man “wink wink.”

Anyways, lately, I’ve been thinking of having a series of blog posts on “The Nigerian Husband.” Among my plans for this series is to explore what I want/would want from this Nigerian husband and hey, play around some of the stereotypes on Nigerian men and some of society’s demands on the wife/woman.

Please let me know what and how you feel about this… (after all, I want to know that my readers enjoy what they read…I really don’t want to be the reason you squeeze that lovely looking face of yours…)

Anyways, bye… I got some Bible passages to read. I need to stock up on some verses to share with the Nigerian husband…

Please, don’t take me seriously… live, love, laugh, smile, eat, sleep and fart all you want because life is tooooo short….





7 thoughts on “The Nigerian Husband

    • Thanks Roy,

      doing one on The Nigerian Wife is such a great idea. However, I’m not sure I can do it… lol
      Maybe you should.. I’m not sure I know all a Nigerian husband will be searching for. I can only speak to what I may be interested in finding in that Nigerian husband..

  1. First off I think you’re a crazy girl with crazy ideas. Go ahead with your series, can’t wait to read them. And hey study that bible well ko cos he might just make a move soon. Funny thing 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to read your series , but you should know that there are new , refurbished and advanced breed of nigerian men…lol

  3. Ok! I’ve told you I have someone who wants to Marry you… He is financially ok and doesn’t select food😂 he just needs love… Biko if you are in let me knw. Lol

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