Cruising For Lunch

Cruising For Lunch

Girls and boys, gentlemen and ladies… As we type, I can barely focus on the stories I have to write within the next two hours.

My mind is still roaming round my visit to Riviera, one of Oceania Cruises’ newest babies. I was invited to tour the ship and have lunch for the second time in one year.
I had such a great time and left with lots of great ideas for my Nigerian Husband…. Wherever you are my dear, I want you to know there’s no pressure whatsoever…

More on this cruise ship visit when all my stories are done and when i’ve managed to work off at least one quarter of the calories I consumed!

TIll then, please enjoy staring at this photo I took of my desert- “A la Minute Poached Floating Island” (Pink Pralines and Roasted Pistachio cream)

Sleepy, stuffed and tired,


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