Hair Update.



ImageGirls and boys, gentlemen and ladies,

It has been a hundred and one years since I posted anything major about my hair. As much as I enjoy reading of other naturalistas’ journeys, I tend to stay away from blogging about my own hair because I don’t find many things worth blogging about it.

But anyway, this weekend, before I washed my hair, I decided I was going to take some photos and share with you guys.

I got some nice crazy photos but I deleted them accidentally while I was photographing a pageant on Saturday. So here are the few I have left. And oh… one from this morning.

Hair Update (I guess)

My hair is about 26 months natural now. (Goodness me, I can’t believe I’m using the  umpteen months thingy. I used to hate
It’s been an interesting 2 years+. I’ve learnt throughout this journey not to compare my hair growth with others. I’ve also learned that what works for others may not necessary work for me. It’s good to look at others’ journey and sort out pick out what you think might work for you, but never try out any products or techniques expecting the same exact results as the Youtuber you watched.

For example, about six months ago, I decided I was going to try a Bantu Knot Out. I got the knots in and a few days after, I unravelled them. They looked great while I was at home but by the time I got to work, my hair had  become a big puff!

Another example, a few weeks ago, I decided to twist my hair and then roller set them. It worked out well, except my thick hair took hours to dry and by the time i unravelled my hair, it was another big puff!

(I’m out of what to say….This natural hair blogging probably isn’t for me. I’ll just stand on the corner and read about others’ blogs and stories.)

But enjoy these photos…Image



6 thoughts on “Hair Update.

  1. But there are only two photos na! #pouting# my hair is natural too, I don’t even know which one is more stressful; natural or relaxed, the scalp just hurts and blisters either way it is! /:

    • Oh dear!
      I’ll post more photos soon!
      I’m so sorry to hear about your scalp and blisters. Personally, I find manipulating my hair when it is dry usually causes blisters. I’ll suggest you only comb it when it’s wet/damp. I find it’s easier to handle that way.
      And do you use any oils on your hair? Coconut oil/ Olive oil and Castor oil are good for your hair.
      I wish you all the best with the hair and I hope you keep it natural for as long as you possibly can!

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