For The Lungs

Gentlemen and ladies, girls and boys,

No kidding, this week, I got back on my running grind.

This time It is for real. Like no looking back, no procrastinating. All that is for punks… ( I can’t even keep a straight face while saying that coz I know I’m describing myself right there!)

I stopped running consistently sometime towards the end of 2013 and needless to say, the extra pounds found their way back to several parts of my body. I’ve gone to the gym since then and I think that may have helped in keeping me somewhat in shape and balanced.

However, the weight hasn’t gone down as fast as I want it to.

So I took to the streets…Literally.

After work on Monday, I got my running shoes plus workout clothes and headed out west. I was rather slow and stopped a few times along the 3-plus mi route, but I completed the run nonetheless.

The next day, Tuesday, I downloaded Runkeeper, an application that tracks your distance, the amount of calories burnt your pace and heart rate (I think).

Downloading that app gave me an extra push. That day, I was able to cover 3.8mi and stopped just once for a few seconds. The next day, I went over  4 miles and the same for Thursday too, without stopping.

I felt like a pro. Even though I know for a fact I may have looked like an idiot to people who drove by, in my mind, I saw myself like one of those long distance Kenyan/Ethiopian runners. In my mind, my body was all slim and trimmed, my legs stretching out in long strides, afro blowing in the wind, sweat streaming down my body, game face on…. okay, back to reality.

Considering I’ll be sleeping in town this weekend, I decided to go for a run this morning. I mean, It’s Saturday- that day you’re expected to sleep in and just lazy in bed right?

I was tempted to just stay in bed and not worry about exercising till Monday, but I remembered last night during a Skype conversation, my best friend Fareeza challenged me. She thought I’ll just put off running. I also remembered that I’ll be helping out with a BBQ on Sunday and of course, this means I probably will eat more than usual.

Though I was lazy and somewhat unmotivated this morning, I managed to complete 3 miles. I did stop and walked several times and for as long as a minute though.

Usually when I run or exercise, I think of phrases to chant or keep reminding myself of reasons I exercise. Most times during the aerobics at the gym the phrase to chant while staring at the mirror is “summer body! summer body!” Just kidding! (Not really)
And for when I run it is “pain is sign of fear living the body.”
But this morning, all of those silly new-agey phrases were thrown out the window. I dedicated the run to my lungs.

I’ve decided each run will be dedicated to one organ or part of my body or the other.

I did it for the lungs. Even though I didn’t go hard as usual, I’m glad I’m alive and healthy to exercise. I’m glad I got to witness the sun rise this morning. I was grateful for the sea breeze, the birds that chirped.

Having morning devotion while running was really fun. Usually, I’d run with fast paced music, but this morning, it was nice, soft but loud and uplifting in a sense.

I did it for my lungs today. It’s the kidney’s turn on Monday.

Oh and at some point too, I’ve got to dedicate one of my runs to The Nigerian Husband. I think for that one, I may want to wear all my wife material. I need something to show off like a peacock. That one will be a royal run. I’ve got to run for that Nigerian Husband oh! He deserves it! (I need prayers…lol this thing is becoming a bit too crazy for my liking! hahahah… but then, who cares right?)

(Now, let’s go photograph a wedding shall we?)

Smile, laugh, love, live, fart and be silly, life is terribly short.



12 thoughts on “For The Lungs

  1. Lol funny enuf I took to running abi jogging yesterday morning (after 2 yrs), came back like a half dead chicken. My heart was about to go pop. From exhaustion. I kindly ignored my alarm wen it woke me 2day. Well now you’ve motivated me to do it for something hehehe. 🙂 ♥

    • Yay! Judith,
      I’m glad you’re back running again.
      It’s rurally hard motivating yourself to go run everyday, but you can do it. It’s all in the mind really!
      Perhaps we can keep each other motivated, what do you think?

      • apologies just saw this. so far i gave up running…… in the mornings, i suck at waking up early, so i now jog in the evenings which has been going on good so far tho i’ve missed 2 cos of some sch stuff. i’ll finally be able to breathe by tues so yeah pls i need d motivation o! so wat u doing it 4 this week?

      • Girl I didn’t run all last week but I am to resume again this week! Do you have any running apps? I use Runkeeper and I find it keeps me motivated.

      • My dear I haven’t ran in a while either …… hoping to step it up next week. Well I downloaded the runkeeper I’ll see how it works. Thanx

  2. Glad you are running again. apart from the summer body,6packs etc we tend to strive for,having a healthy heart is the 1st on the list (at least my list) .
    dont worry i wont go all medical on this comment..Lol although going into the autopsy room every week and/or learning of one disease or the other,you tend to evaluate alot of things,health being one of them..
    we need to get how heart pumping like its about to explode as often as we can..
    that said i try to play football once or twice a schedule is crazy,but apart from trying to stay fit and healthy,its also an escape from all the books and school madness..

    So keep it up Vou. and dedicating each run to an organ is a great when you feel lazy on monday remember than your kidneys will be crying as they sense you want to leave them with excess salt..hahahaha 🙂 :p

    • Indeed Zeze!
      We should workout for the sake of being healthy first before all the added pluses of looking “good” and all that jazz.
      For me, It’s really first for my health and then secondly for my family.
      a couple days ago actually, I ran for my family… lol I keep increasing the distance, dedicating each stride to a family member.
      Sometimes we forget this life is not about us alone. We live and love and others live and love us too. We have to try out best to stay alive as long as possible for them…

  3. pain is sign of fear leaving the body… that’s a nice phrase, me likely. hehe I just imagine u in a wedding dress running for that Nigerian hubby but in ur running shoes of cause hahaha. well good to have you running back again sha , “mean runner”….

  4. apologies just saw this. so far i gave up running…… in the mornings, i suck at waking up early, so i now jog in the evenings which has been going on good so far tho i’ve missed 2 cos of some sch stuff. i’ll finally be able to breathe by tues so yeah pls i need d motivation o! so wat u doing it 4 this week?

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