The Makeup/Hair Guru.

Hey guys,
I enjoyed interviewing Phillip for a feature in the paper this week. I thought I’d share it with you guys…. Pick up a copy of The BVI Beacon or read more of HERE.

So here, excerpts! For the Complete interview, get a copy of the paper or visit the website… Link above 🙂

Mr. Krane-Bernier, a 32-year-old makeup artist, dancer and hair stylist, has worked for several beauty magazines and actors in the Virgin Islands and the United States. Currently, he is a hairstylist at Oasis Salon and Spa.
Vou: Tell me a bit about your makeup and beauty skills.

Phillip: Officially, I am a licensed cosmetology instructor. I went to school to learn cosmetology and I turned around and started teaching. I am approved by the Education Corporation of America. I’ve taught internationally. I decided it’s time for me to come back home and share what I’ve learnt. Here in the Virgin Islands, I am celebrated for a lot of what I have done. I am also a motivational speaker. I love to motivate people on how to get to the next level, help them recognise where they’re at and realise where they can go; put them in position and help them to get to that level.

Vou: What led you into makeup and hair styling?

Phillip: It’s funny because my father was the one that said, “Why don’t you go to hair school?” I’ve always been creative. Often, people ask, “How long have you been doing hair and makeup?” I try not to put a number on it because I have been creative all my life. It’s just that now I am using the creativity and channelling it into the hair and beauty industry. I went to school to be a veterinarian.

I went to Norfolk State UniImageversity — had a full scholarship. I really liked the discipline and I don’t disregard that experience because in that I found out what I didn’t want to do and it gave birth to what I really enjoy doing. My father, Ken Bernier, he was like, “What you goin’ do with your life after five years of college?” I didn’t know at that point. I just knew what I didn’t want to do. He said, “Why don’t you go to hair school? Find one and I’ll pay for it.” I did, and the first week of hair school, I thought, “This is it.” After my first roller set, I said, “This feels right!” Now, looking back over 15 years ago, I realise hair and makeup is just a surface for reaching people and helping them realise what’s on the inside. A lot of people deal with insecurities with the way they look, with the way they feel. So with hair, makeup and beauty, I’m able to reach those sensitive areas and really polish them, allow and help them appreciate what is there.

Vou: As a boy, how did you hone those skills?

Phillip: Well, I can tell you: In the Caribbean you get to know how to plait hair. My creativity didn’t start with hair and makeup. It started with crochet. I had this thing about knots. I loved to unravel knots. I sometimes could spend long periods of time taking out a knot. I would always make hats and different things. Everything I put my mind into doing, I wanted to do it to the best of my ability — not to outshine anybody. I kind of started growing my hair out and started braiding, so that was like the doorway or introduction to what now is my career.

Vou: I went through your Facebook and Instagram photos and I saw a lot of photos of your work with magazines and models. Can you tell me more about your portfolio?

Phillip: I thank God for those opportunities. My first day actually as a hairstylist, I worked for an Aveda salon. I started out with hair, but seeing how things worked out at photo shoots, I thought makeup was interesting as well. It was a progression. I worked with a lot of makeup brands, and that gave me a lot of insight on how to function in high fashion. I’ve worked with movies, in films, and also I did a lot of commercials. Recently, I did makeup for one of the Miss Easter Pageant contestants. I have also worked with the Miss Teen USA and Mrs. USA Pageants.


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