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Meet Abayomi

Meet Abayomi


For the next five days, I’m going to be sharing my cubicle with Abayomi aka Abby.

This smart, fun loving, outgoing and intelligent 15 year-old is interning with The BVI Beacon Newspaper this week. I have the privilege of being- for lack of a better word- her supervisor.

This simply means for the next week, I have to be a responsible adult. Like, I have to show up to the office on time, not spend so much time browsing through the internet, be a model employee, not bully Ken- my colleague and basically appear busy all the time.

All that boring grown up actions aside, Abby gets to go to assignments with me and the other reporters. For example, in a few hours, she’ll shadow me at an interview and she’ll get to take the photo and video of the interview. I’m pretty excited about it.

You know what’s fun?
I was in Abby’s shoes years ago. I went to the same high school she’s currently enrolled in. (Cedar International School.)

In 11th grade, I interned with a newspaper called The Virgin Islands Standpoint. That publication is now out of business.
In 12th grade, I interned with guess who???? That’s right! I interned with The BVI Beacon Newspaper.
I did an okay job, in my very modest opinion… but If you ask my supervisor then, I think he’ll tell you I did an amazing job. (I mean, how do you explain the fact that I’ve been with the company for years since then… Okay… Vanity kills!)

I digress.

Abby enjoys photography and hopes to one day become a wild life photographer. She’s got some really cool photos. ( Something I don’t think my 15 year-old self would measure up to).

I was out sick for the later part of last week, but I got a memo at home, informing me of my duties and new cubicle mate.

I sort of forgot about her until I walked into the office and found her seated, being briefed by the editor.
Needless, to say, she’s somewhat settled down and I think, getting a sense of what it takes to be as journalist.

I really do hope that at the end of the week, Abby would have had a fun time learning about the things we do and how a newspaper operates.

Folks, I have to go. Having Abby here means I can’t be wasting time. I have to be an example!


Live, love, laugh, fart, be silly; life is too short.

Whatever Mr. Flu, I’m Going Out!

DSC_0584Whatever Mr. Flu, I'm Going Out!

I’ve been sick since Wednesday and haven’t left home since. I miss being outdoor. This morning, I realized I’ve not taken a photo in a few days. It feels weird.

I really don’t know how I managed to get the flu. Usually, I don’t get the flu easily.
The thing has just refused to go, making it somewhat difficult to leave home. I don’t want to be the reason the entire nation comes up with a flu.

Well, this afternoon, I took matters into my own hands. Not taking a photograph in days isn’t acceptable.
I went on the porch, placed my sneakers on the railing and just decided I’ll take a shot!

So there you have it, a shot of one of my favorite footwear.

If flu won’t allow me go to town, I won’t let it deprive me from taking photos on my porch.

Smile, laugh, live, love, fart and be silly. Life is too short.

Let’s Talk About…..Menstruation!

Dear Nigerian Husband,

Please, by all means, think/read this post as a private conversation between you and I. I’m keeping in mind your traditional and conventional way of life, hence I’m choosing to keep this menstruation talk between us.

Just a few hours ago on Instagram, i posted a photograph and a friend of mine commented, asking me to get in touch with her. A follower who happens to be a friend of hers, tried to jokingly spark a conversation and asked to be included in the private message we were about to have off Instagram.

However, he asked to be excluded in the event our private conversation is about “women’s health issues.”
He was just joking of course…(I think)

But it got me thinking and asking myself why discussing women’s health issues publicly or with males tend to be an abomination.
With that in mind, I decided I’ll write you, my Nigerian Husband, on what you feel about this.

My Dear Nigerian Husband, what’s so shameful in talking about what nature has bestowed on women? I think. it’s nothing to be shy or embarrassed about.

(No, wait, you only get somewhat embarrassed when your clothes get stained during menstruation. I’d save you the horror of reading of all the times I’ve walked around town oblivious of the red map stamped on my dress/trousers/skirts. I seriously won’t tell you about the pains I go through some months during my menstruation.)

Look My Dear Nigerian Husband, I’m only trying to find out why folks think I must have 100+  terms to substitute for menstruation. It’s natural and biological.

I’m tired of having to tell folks “I’m not feeling well,” instead of saying “I have menstrual cramps,” each time they inquire if I’m feeling alright when I appear ill. (Mostly at the end of the month.)

I’m tired of having to hide my Always Ultra Thin Overnight pad each time I’m heading to the bathroom to change a soiled pad. I want to be able to just hold it out if and when I feel like.

ImageEven as I was taking, the photo attached to this ‘letter,’ a male colleague walked up to my cubicle, when he noticed the pads and tampons on display, he just blurted out “Oh Jesus,” and walked away. My dear understanding Nigerian Husband, these are the type of situations I do not like.

I know many posts on this blog have embarrassed you. I’m sure this isn’t going to be one of them. This is a conversation between you and I. I just had to get in touch with you after that guy on Instagram asked not to be included in any discussions on women’s health issues.

Sorry for taking too much of your time. We all know you’re a busy man and your day is filled with meaningful activities aimed at building a very beautiful and bright future for the family we will have.

Yours in love

Photography: Shoot By Shoot


Kadie had modeled for some big names and has walked runways at New York Fashion Week, so I was glad to have shot he. (Can I also add that I think she's pretty amazing! She can wear a garbage bag and make it look great)

Kadie has modeled for some big names and has walked runways at New York Fashion Week, so I was glad to have shot her. (Can I also add that I think she’s pretty amazing! She can wear a garbage bag and make it look great)

Photography: Shoot By Shoot


I’ve only been doing photography professionally like yesterday. (And I’m weary using the word “Professional” when it comes to describing my work. I think I have a while to go)

I’ve always been passionate photography and I’ve always admired the works of others. I only started using a DSLR a few years ago and i’ve taken some shots I’m proud of.

This weekend, I got a photography gig and I think I performed well enough.

Here are some of the photos. I’ll save you the story of how I couldn’t properly handle a speed light I was using for the first time, and how squeezed time and finished editing the images just in time to deliver them to my client.

I can safely say I’m getting better with each photo gig.

My Nigeria: of resilience, helplessness and a shared identity

Flight of the Phoenix


“Learned helplessness was first demonstrated by Martin Seligman and his colleagues. They identified conditions under which dogs would demonstrate apathetic behavior when they were punished by means of electric shock. In the experiment, dogs were continually electrocuted to the point where they simply accepted electrocution and did not try to escape it. The dogs learned, correctly, that electrocution was unavoidable, and with this acquired knowledge, they simply lay down on the surface of their cages and took the shocks. By doing so, they demonstrated what is meant by learned helplessness.” Learned Helplessness as a Correlate of Psychosis: Examining evidence of learned helplessness in various types of schizophrenia. Published on January 4, 2014 by Dr. Ann Olson, Psy.D. in Theory and Psychopathology

Every morning I wake up, say a prayer, head to the gym to do some running, get dressed, head to work, study, speak to friends and loved ones. pretty normal…

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