My Nigeria: of resilience, helplessness and a shared identity

Flight of the Phoenix


“Learned helplessness was first demonstrated by Martin Seligman and his colleagues. They identified conditions under which dogs would demonstrate apathetic behavior when they were punished by means of electric shock. In the experiment, dogs were continually electrocuted to the point where they simply accepted electrocution and did not try to escape it. The dogs learned, correctly, that electrocution was unavoidable, and with this acquired knowledge, they simply lay down on the surface of their cages and took the shocks. By doing so, they demonstrated what is meant by learned helplessness.” Learned Helplessness as a Correlate of Psychosis: Examining evidence of learned helplessness in various types of schizophrenia. Published on January 4, 2014 by Dr. Ann Olson, Psy.D. in Theory and Psychopathology

Every morning I wake up, say a prayer, head to the gym to do some running, get dressed, head to work, study, speak to friends and loved ones. pretty normal…

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