Let’s Talk About…..Menstruation!

Dear Nigerian Husband,

Please, by all means, think/read this post as a private conversation between you and I. I’m keeping in mind your traditional and conventional way of life, hence I’m choosing to keep this menstruation talk between us.

Just a few hours ago on Instagram, i posted a photograph and a friend of mine commented, asking me to get in touch with her. A follower who happens to be a friend of hers, tried to jokingly spark a conversation and asked to be included in the private message we were about to have off Instagram.

However, he asked to be excluded in the event our private conversation is about “women’s health issues.”
He was just joking of course…(I think)

But it got me thinking and asking myself why discussing women’s health issues publicly or with males tend to be an abomination.
With that in mind, I decided I’ll write you, my Nigerian Husband, on what you feel about this.

My Dear Nigerian Husband, what’s so shameful in talking about what nature has bestowed on women? I think. it’s nothing to be shy or embarrassed about.

(No, wait, you only get somewhat embarrassed when your clothes get stained during menstruation. I’d save you the horror of reading of all the times I’ve walked around town oblivious of the red map stamped on my dress/trousers/skirts. I seriously won’t tell you about the pains I go through some months during my menstruation.)

Look My Dear Nigerian Husband, I’m only trying to find out why folks think I must have 100+  terms to substitute for menstruation. It’s natural and biological.

I’m tired of having to tell folks “I’m not feeling well,” instead of saying “I have menstrual cramps,” each time they inquire if I’m feeling alright when I appear ill. (Mostly at the end of the month.)

I’m tired of having to hide my Always Ultra Thin Overnight pad each time I’m heading to the bathroom to change a soiled pad. I want to be able to just hold it out if and when I feel like.

ImageEven as I was taking, the photo attached to this ‘letter,’ a male colleague walked up to my cubicle, when he noticed the pads and tampons on display, he just blurted out “Oh Jesus,” and walked away. My dear understanding Nigerian Husband, these are the type of situations I do not like.

I know many posts on this blog have embarrassed you. I’m sure this isn’t going to be one of them. This is a conversation between you and I. I just had to get in touch with you after that guy on Instagram asked not to be included in any discussions on women’s health issues.

Sorry for taking too much of your time. We all know you’re a busy man and your day is filled with meaningful activities aimed at building a very beautiful and bright future for the family we will have.

Yours in love


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About…..Menstruation!

  1. Like eeeewww!no way!!I like d ‘mystery’ attached to having periods (n pls d word menstruation or worse ‘menses’ sounds like eons ago…)I dnt think I cud be comfy talkin abt my periods like dis sha oo cos I blive dat when u talk of stuff like dis,d mind automatically takes u to d source of d stuff n images begin to appear in ur head(n dats d eewy part!)….den in oda news,I totally luuuurrrv dose modelling pics!n dat doesn’t look like d work of an amateur(not dat I know much abt photography anyway) but dis is to remind u dat ure takin my weddin pics!..when d ‘haleluyah’ day comes lols!takia sweets!

  2. Hahaha
    Mimi na wa for you oh! lol I love having the liberty of calling it whatever I want, but at the same I want the same term to be used!
    Thanks on the compliment on the modeling pictures. We are still learning and by the time your wedding comes in a few months (coughs) I will be ready to take proper shots.

  3. The female menstrual cycle is one of Gods most beautiful gifts. It not only distinguishes us as women, represents fertility, and is a sign of health, but it also is a way for our bodies to flush out all of the toxins and negativities out of our bodies. I truly believe it is a spiritual experience and should be embraced by all women and better understood by women. My husband hates when I talk about my menstrual cycle, but I do it so often that he has gotten more use to it. I love post like this.

    • Alecia,
      Just noticing this comment. I’m sorry for the late reply. (Not sure if I replied already but forgot)
      Indeed, the menstrual cycle is a beautiful gift from God. I think we should be a lot freer to talk about it publicly!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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