I Am A Mother!

Dragon Fingers

Dragon Fingers

Calm down my Dear Nigerian Husband,

I’ve only been a mother for the past three weeks and will continue to be for the next 10 days.

Trust me, all of that is in your interest. I figure if we’re going to have a big family, I might as well start rehearsing this whole motherhood thing.

So, I agreed to baby sit and house-sit my friends’ son and house. The couple was expecting another baby, so they left the island to have their pretty daughter.

Anyways, I thought taking care of this smart and intelligent 8 year-old would be a breeze!. Well, it sort of it, but believe me, it is such a big responsibility.

But eh, trust this your Nigerian wife, I think I’ve been a responsible guardian so far.

For the first week, I had to seriously adjust from just taking care of myself to taking care of both myself and another human being.
I had to learn the hard way how to wake up super early to make sure my child has his lunch cooked at home. Dear Nigerian Husband, when we do have our children, I want you to know they will eat healthy food and have fruits and vegetables.

Since I’ve been with this kid, I’ve learnt that being a parent, you really have to lead by example. You don’t want a kid asking you “why? why? why?” all the time.

Be right back, my son is calling.

I’m sorry Dear Nigerian Husband, it took me literally more than 40 hours to get back to this post! I guess this is what happens when you have children! Wheeew!

While I was away, I learnt that one must not simply eat chocolate because one feels like. Apparently, there must be a reason. I took my “son” to lunch on Saturday and on the way back, I asked him if he wanted ice-cream or chocolate. He agreed to ice-cream but said no to chocolate, as he didn’t’ have any concrete reason to eat chocolate. (If only he knew how we adored chocolates as kids. Anyone who grew up in my time – years ago – will appreciate chocolates, even though no chocolate now can compare to Choco-milo cubes)

Believe me My Dear Nigerian Husband, I’m not the perfect parent, but I’m learning. By the time we make our own kids, I’ll be A grade.
I still need to work on waking up early. Like, on Sunday, I woke up at 8:30 a.m. for church service that begins at 9 a.m. Thank goodness his church clothes were ironed Saturday night, so all we had to do was have showers and head out. We got to church right in time. No, relax, I didn’t let him go to church hungry. I gave him turkey and cheese sandwich with juice for breakfast.

I’ve had to brush up on my maths too! He’s been coming back from school with some crazy looking things in the name of mathematics. I can’t tell you the last time I heard of proper and improper fractions. This one time, he asked me to help him solve a problem. Dear Nigerian Husband, you better be good at math because… I shall say no more.

I’ve also learnt that dinner time and TV don’t go together. If I’m to get a dollar for each time I’ve said, “No son, eat your dinner and quit watching TV,” I’ll probably have enough money to buy a new pair of heels (Which I’ve been into for the past week.)

I’ve taught him to make french toast and pancakes, which he loves! We made french toast this morning. I have to go again.

Considering my love for exercises, I’ve had to make him leave the house to play or skip outside for at least an hour. This new generation kids need to know what sand feels like.

Oh, how could I forget this? We made paper toys/ stuff the other day. He showed me how to make “dragon fingers?” (My dear Husband, please what on God’s green earth are dragon fingers? In my days growing up, we played in the sand.)
Can you believe he was on Youtube to learn how to make them? I feel so old.
I taught him how to make a boat from paper. I was so proud of myself.

As you can see, his fruits! Looks like he was forced to do it…heheh

As you can see, his fruits! Looks like he was forced to do it…heheh

On our way to lunch. Fancy child, he specifically said he wanted to go sit at a fancy restaurant…lol these kids! Well, he got to have lunch under $10 at a Nepalese restaurant… This aunty is cheap!

On our way to lunch. Fancy child, he specifically said he wanted to go sit at a fancy restaurant…lol these kids! Well, he got to have lunch under $10 at a Nepalese restaurant… This aunty is cheap!





10 thoughts on “I Am A Mother!

  1. funny post. He’s such a cool kid. But I think he’s hanging around a really crazy mother…lol. But don’t worry you’ll make a great mum ko, you’re trying. I remember one time my former boss’ son asked me to make a paper plane for him… jeez something I made everyday as a kid, took me long hours and after finally managing to make a horrible one he was like, uncle Emma, my daddy’s own can fly better than yours. lol!!! Poor me! The next time, I made sure all those old skills came back and of cause it was dope and better. You guys have fun

    • Hahahahah
      Bring on the kids! Moon seem to like me… All I need to do is take her to the beach often! lol
      Marche’ is actually run by Nepalese folks and not Chinese as most people think… Just as Simply delicious is Vietnamese and not chinese. The only Chinese restaurant here is the one at Mill Mall. The one with the really nasty rice…lol

      • lol I have lived here four years and have yet to eat food that is labeled Chinese food that actually does taste like Chinese food, no sah that a garbage… and Marche nuh bad at all

  2. Bravo! Loved reading this post. Lol @ dragon fingers-I was wondering what the first pic was about. He looks like a happy little boy and even happier in your company. Happy Mothers Day, Mama Vou!

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