Dominoes with Pros.

Dominoes with Pros.

On Monday, I covered a seniors citizens’ picnic.

Usually when I cover such events I’m behind the camera and have very little interaction with the seniors.

This time, I decided to engage with them a bit. I chose the wrong game to play with them-Domino.

If there’s one game Virgin Islanders know and love to play, it’s got to be dominoes.

I got some good trashing. These old people had no mercy on me. I managed to learn a trio or two after I lost more than 10 rounds.

Some organiser had to come beg them to let me win a What a shame.

Though I only won a few rounds, I was glad to have had the opportunity to mingle with the old ones. It was so refreshing hearing them talk about old times and how things used to be.

I may have walked away with a tad bit more wisdom than I had but, I learnt that I must never play domino with old folks again!


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