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We Need to Talk.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

We need to talk.

In my last letter to you, I expressed my disappointment at the fact that you’ve decided to just lurk around while some boys who should be men disrespect your future Nigerian Wife.

I really thought you’d have a change of mind and finally show your face. How wrong was I.

This your unfair tactic is becoming somewhat bothersome.

I’m sure this isn’t news to you. But your behaviour on Monday at the Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados has to be the worst!

You my Dear Nigerian Husband just stayed there hiding your face as I sat down to have lunch all my self. Listen, that’s not even what’s making me spit fire at you. You this well-mannered son of Nigerian soil hid as I had nothing but an up side down smile close to the departure gate, looking as one couple after another hugged and kissed each other.

The thing pain me no be small. That’s supposed to be us. I mean, I understand a lot of other Nigerian Husbands may not want to do such a thing. But I sat there loosing my appetite for the not-so-tasty pasta and chicken that laid in front of me, hoping you’ll just magically show up and kiss me goodbye as I went through the departure gate… But no, you well brought up gentleman decided to stay in hiding. (I wasn’t even being over ambitious in thinking both of us should be traveling together, so when those pilots decide to shake away their boredom in the cockpit by enjoying the turbulence, I’ll just feel myself in your embrace.)

Look my Dear Nigeria Husband, Let this be the last time you’ll do such a thing. Make yourself known. We’ve established all your good qualities, abilities and personality, allow me now to officially tell the world who you are!

This is your last warning.

Yours in marriage (eventually)

Your Nigerian Wife

Photo Shoot In Transit

I’m currently in Transit at the ¬†V. C Birdie International Airport in Antigua.

I have a few more hours before my connecting flight.

So as I was sitting  looking at travelers go on their merry ways, I noticed a pair of airport staff trying to have a photo shoot. One of them had an iPad taking photos of another who was modeling a bag.

The photographer in me immediately reached out for Dixon (My camera) and the nifty 50 and assisted them.
Free airport photo shoots haven’t hurt anyone yet…

This guy is such a gorgeous model!

I had all the time in the world so I quickly edited or attempted to edit the photos and handed them to him. I feel happy.


Now, let’s go celebrate my birthday shall we?





“If You’re Disappointed…”

photo-4Dear Nigerian Husband,

It’s been a while I wrote to you.

I’ll make this short. Just like you, I’m working hard to make sure we both live comfortable lives. (I have stories waiting to be written and production day is tomorrow.)
I’m a bit disappointed with you. You’re lurking around for too long and you’re refusing to show your face.

For the past three or more months, I’ve had several men- whose calibre can’t be compared to yours at all- ask me if I’m married, if I have a boyfriend and if I have kids. I’ve been respectful just as you’ d want me to be. I’ve not told anyone of them off yet.

Listen, I’m not rushing you at all. Rushing you means I’ll be rushing myself as well. And we both know you’ll arrive when we are both ready to handle each other.

This morning though, I almost gave one a not-so nice reply. He saw me walking to the office peacefully and nodding my head to some reggae music and asked “so you aint’ married yet?”

Honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to answer such a question, so I lied… (shame) and said I was married.

His response- “Well, that’s good but if and when you get disappointed, I will be right here waiting on you.”

Dear Nigerian Husband, just as I’m working on making myself agood house wife, I hope, no scratch that! I know you’re working super hard on being the man of my dreams. These men have no regard for you.
Even before your arrival, they are already plotting to take your place!

You have to do something about men like these. You can’t have them disrespecting your future Nigerian Wife.

I’m done!

Yours in marriage (eventually)