I’m currently on vacation in Nigeria. One would imagine I’ll have lots of time to blog and all that good stuff right?
Phssss! My days are so busy! Filled with sleep, food, love, laughter, sleep, being a bum. I hardly have time to do anything else.
Worry not though, I’ve been making mental notes of things I should blog about. Like when they wouldn’t let me into the church because my head wasn’t in a wrap and much more.
Bye, I need to conserve the battery on my phone. NEPA just did the usual plus I need to sleep and eat. Haven’t done too much of that today and that’s awful!

Oh… Happy birthday Asmau, see you soon!


8 thoughts on “Vacation.

      • I didn’t turn back actually. I waited outside the church and someone I vaguely remembered gave me her veil and I went in. I had to wait coz I was with my cousin and she was “appropriately” dressed and She insisted on staying out with me. I didn’t want her to miss church because her heathen cousin dared to be at church without her head tied. After service I wanted to see the pastor to get an explanation behind the logic but the line to see him was too long so I left. But I got him on Facebook so we will be having a chat soon.

      • I almost had a conversation with the usher but I didn’t. SHe probably doesn’t know why either. She just enforces something she knows nothing of and doesn’t care to know about. It’s an instruction from the man of God after all. How dare she debate it? Lol

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