Could I Be A Lesbian???

I love to poke fun at my life, so please don’t take this too seriously, but if you do, I feel sorry for you! lol

Nigerian Husband (Please notice the absence of “Dear.”)

You’re taking this thing too far now. I recall a few months ago, I wrote tophoto-4 you when some guy disrespected me while walking to the office. I also remember writing to you when you refused to show up to bid me a romantic farewell at the airport in Barbados in July.

Something painfully disappointing happened again this morning. This might be the last letter I will write reporting my bad experiences with men who are disrespectful and uncouth.

I left the office to go get me a drink when this guy who works at a law firm not too far from mine stopped to interrogate me.

So this guy who I hardly know and have never said a word to beyond “good morning,” seems very concerned about my personal life. Surely, he should be privy to what I do outside work, i mean, our offices aren’t too far away from each other, he should and must be entitled to such information.

Just when I thought I had heard the most ridiculous questions there could ever be, this man asked “so do you have a boyfriend?” My reply was no. It didn’t stop there. “So why don’t you have any?” he added.
I politely told him that wasn’t on my radar at the moment and then he dropped the bomb… “So are you into men or women?”

Well, boys and girls, gentlemen and ladies, there you have it! If you are single and aren’t thinking of being in a relationship, you’re probably homosexual, at least judging by that man’s thinking.

Don’t worry, I didn’t punch him or anything, I simply told him he should have asked me from the get-go if I’m a lesbian and he laughed. Well, Nigerian Husband, if you fail to show up, this well-meaning Caribbean man has promised to bring me a Caribbean Husband soon if he doesn’t see me with a man.

Reveal yourself now while you still have the time… The competition will be very stiff!


Yours in marriage eventually,
The Nigerian Wife.


8 thoughts on “Could I Be A Lesbian???

  1. Lol..i laughed when i saw the title even before i read it.
    i can’t count the number of times i have been asked this question,plus the tomboy vibes i have don’t help me..Lol

    sometimes its funny to be honest and other times i just find it rude..but hey,the price we pay for our nigerian husband refusing to come and claim us yeah ? Lmao

    have a good week Vou

  2. Dear Future Nigerian Wife, Lets just say i am taking my time to get create the best future for you and our kids. SO don’t worry, a Caribbean man has nothing on me.
    Just stay beautiful and keep your head up, i am coming to sweep you off your feet in due time.

    Yours in Love,
    Future Nigerian Husband

    • ok, oga future Nigerian husband, it’s good that u’re planning a great future but I don’t like the fact that you think that it’s not my responsibility to provide for the family as well, If I’m just to sit in your kitchen, what’s the point of my education.
      Yours truly,
      Angry Feminist.

  3. I cracked up when I saw your title. People can be so disrespectful and intrusive at times and they act completely unaware of it. I can totally relate to you as it seems every older man I meet these days wants to know why I’m either not married or thinking of marriage. I’m just in my early twenties trying to build a career and thinking what is wrong with all these people?? *sigh*

    Oh and yes, I have directly been called a lesbian in the past by some thirsty looking man. .__.

    • Very disrespectful and intrusive indeed! I’d take the “you’re next,” comments from aunties at Nigerian weddings over the Lesbian accusations. If only the silly Nigerian Husband will reveal his identity all these won’t happen. Lol

  4. Hmmm, stiff competition? I know the Nigerian hubby will be a victor in the end no matter what… the title is his, Caribbean? oh plzzzz you don’t measure up cos the swag dey inside jare, him nogo understand, ko da mai ya zo an fi shi… lol! Anyways funny though

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